09:05  Children's health experts say new pool rules will cause more drownings

Professionals at the frontline of child health are fighting a move to wind back rules on the fencing of home pools, saying more children will die as a result. The new rules won't require spa pools to be fenced if they have a cover on them - and instead of requiring swimming pools to be fenced, they will need to have what is termed "restricted access". Council inspections of swimming pools will also be cut from every three years to every five years - and no territorial authority will be able to introduce tougher requirements for restricting access to pools. The Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith says the current law is excessively prescriptive and the changes will cut compliance costs by 17 million dollars. But opponents of the law change - including the former Children's Commissioner Ian Hassell, Water Safety New Zealand, Safe Kids and the Paediatric Society of New Zealand - say it will cost lives. Nine to Noon speaks to Paediatric Emergency Specialist at Auckland's Starship Hospital Mike Shepard.

09:30 Otago University scientists using silver nanotechnology to fight dental disease

Nano silver gel

Nanotech silver gel for dental treatments Photo: Otago University

A McDiarmid Institute investigator and chemistry researcher Carla Meledandri and her Otago University dental research colleague, Don Schwass - are working on using silver nanotechnology to protect teeth.  Silver has anti-microbial properties which can help fight decay, but the way it's used currently means it is expensive and can stain teeth. Professors Meledandri and Schwass are devising products that use 25 thousand times less silver with the same therapeutic effects, with no risk of staining and are currently commercialising their research.

09:45 South America correspondent, Joel Richards

10:05 Astrophotography - capturing the night sky

Chris Pegman is a Bay of Islands osteopath by day and a stargazing astrophotographer by night. Growing up in England, he dabbled in photography on family trips to the picturesque Lakes District.But life intervened, work, marriage, children, emigrating to New Zealand. It wasn't until three decades later that he bought himself a good camera and got into photography, this time not focussing on what was in front of him, but casting his lens skyward. In the gallery of Chris Pegman's pictures, the picture of supermoon has more than 2 million views on reddit.

10:30 Book Review: Boundaries by Brian Turner

Reviewed by Harry Broad, published by Godwit

10:45 The Reading: An Awfully Big Adventure by Jane Tolerton

New Zealand World War One veterans tell their stories (Part 1 of 15)

11:05 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills

11:30 Adventurous food with Lucas Tock

Chef Lucas Tock from the Bresolin serves up adventurous food, including crocodile.

11:45 Issues for city dwellers with Tommy Honey

From complete flatpack houses sold by Japanese boutique retail chain Muji to houses that float on water. Are we turning our backs on the traditional foundation as the base of our houses?

Muji unveils three micro homes for weekend getaways, Domain.com.au.

Waterfront living taken to another level, NZ Herald.

Architecture: Floating home designs that rock the boat, The Financial Times.

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