09:05 Predicting floods as they become more common and more severe

One in a hundred-year floods are a thing of the past and more likely to occur every decade and be much worse. The country's water and atmosphere science body is testing a new tool to predict them and the potential damage. NIWA says not to utilise its flood forecasting capability would be a travesty, as climate models show flooding in the future may well be worse than the country has ever experienced. Sam Dean is the Chief Scientist for Climate Atmosphere and Hazards says the technology is vital as the country is set to receive more intense rainfall events as temperatures rise.

09:20 Mother takes on MBIE over daughter's indoor rock climbing accident 

A Tauranga mother who fought for three years for an indoor rock climbing facility to be held accountable for her daughter's serious injuries, has received a formal apology from Worksafe investigators. In 2012, Sophie McCauley was attempting a a belayed climb up a suspended ladder when she fell four metres onto a concrete floor.  She broke her hip and her foot in several places and later required surgery. Worksafe New Zealand has admitted it wrongly cleared the Rock House in Mt Maunganui of any wrongdoing and failed to do a comprehensive investigation.

09:30 Who will have the edge in the All Blacks vs Wallabies RWC final ?

Anton Oliver

Anton Oliver Photo: Supplied.

Rugby fans are preparing for an unprecedented Trans-Tasman Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham next weekend. The All Blacks held out South Africa 20-18 at the weekend; and face the Wallabies, who beat Argentina 29-15. Former All Blacks captain, Anton Oliver, reviews the weekend's semi-final matches.

09:45 US correspondent, Steve Almond

Our US Correspondent Steve Almond reports on the firing of a nationally recognized teacher from LA following allegations he inappropriately touched minors and made an improper joke to students, and the online reaction to a question posed by the NYT magazine as to whether its readers would go back in time and kill Adolf Hitler as a baby.

10:05 Estere Dalton: Beat maker, producer and vocalist who makes "electric blue witch-hop"

Wellington-based singer, songwriter and beat-maker Estere Dalton produces most of her music in her bedroom in her pajamas. She works with a musical collaborator she calls Lola; an MPC 1000 Sampling Station, which is a kind of band in a box, allowing her to record or sample the sounds that form the basis of her music. It means she can record and produce her own music, and also use it to perform. She stands on stage behind Lola - singing and adding in beats and riffs as she goes.

She talks about being a woman in the very male dominated world of beat-making, and breaking barriers as she goes.

Estere gave a Ted X talk in Wellington in 2014

10:30 Book Review: Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R R Martin

Reviewed by Phil Vine, published by Voyager

10:45 The Reading: The Writers' Festival by Stephanie Johnson read by Judith Gibson and Nigel Collins (Part 10 of 12)

11:05 Political commentators Matthew Hooton and Deborah Russell

Our political commentators discuss, among other things, the Labour Party's decision to stick with Annette King as deputy leader and advice from the Environment Ministry to include agriculture in the Emissions Trading Scheme.

11:30 Food - Seasonal seaside dining in Waipu

Lloyd Rooney

Lloyd Rooney Photo: supplied

The Cove at Waipu in Northland has been open for a year, catering for locals, tourists and coastal motorists.
It is one of 50 cafes featured in the New Zealand Cafe Cookbook. The owner of the Cove, Lloyd Rooney cut his hospitality teeth in London, in gastro pubs, cafes and restaurants. He will run through recipes for Seared Scallops with an Avocado, Fresh Coconut and Mango Salad, Seared Beef Salad, and dessert, Brulee Custard.
New Zealand Café Cookbook by Anna King Shahab. Published by Penguin.

11:45 Media commentator, Gavin Ellis

Six agencies have joined together to examine whether citizens and communities have the news and information they need and want in a digital age and to determine what a well-informed, civically-engaged New Zealand will look like in 2030. Gavin Ellis discusses the Civics and Media project which is running the second of three workshops at the University of Auckland today. 

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz

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