09:05 Humanitarian crisis in Europe as refugees pour into the EU

In Budapest, Hungary's capital, hundreds of refugees are stranded outside a major railway station after police sealed off the terminal to stop them trying to reach northern Europe.
Hungary has become a major transit country for thousands of people, many fleeing war and persecution, in countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. This year Hungary has had 140 thousand applications for asylum.

Aniko Bakonyi is with the human rights organisation Helsinki Committee Hungary which gives legal advice and assistance to refugees and aslyum seekers.

Zsuzsanna Zsohár is the spokesperson for the citizen led group, Migration Aid, which has been delivering food, water, bedding, clothing and medical items to refugees at train stations in Hungary.

09:30 Matthew Yeomans: advising companies about communicating their sustainability  

Matthew Yeomans is the author of the annual Social Media Sustainability Index, which analyses how the world's biggest companies use social media to communicate how sustainable they are.
He runs Sustainly, a media consultancy that advises companies and brands on how  to communicate their sustainability in an authentic way.
Matthew Yeomans is visiting New Zealand as the keynote speaker at Project NZ: Telling Good Stories, a conference organised by the Sustainable Business Network.

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

10:05 Sasha Fisher: Transforming aid in East Africa

Sasha Fisher was 21 when she co-founded Spark Microgrants an organisation turning the traditional aid models upside down.
Now 26, she's a Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur, and has developed Spark into an Foundation spanning three countries: Rwanda, Uganda and Burunda. The Spark model has enabled 111 East African communities to choose, develop, and run their own aid projects, with a start-up grant from Spark, and facilitated by local university students. Sasha Fisher says local ownership of the projects is what has led to high sustainability, longevity, and female participation rates. Sasha dreams of seeing communities put in charge of the aid and development process worldwide, which she says will bring more communities out of poverty.
She is on a US Embassy-sponsored visit to New Zealand to speak at Festival for the Future and the Young Leaders of the Pacific conference.

10:35 Book review

Louise O'Brien reviews Histories of the Future by Martin Edmond, published by Walleah Press.

10:45 The Reading: In the Palace Gardens, by Sarah Quigley

Told by Anna Julienne (Part 3 of 3)

An only child with several different role models faces the choice between her artistic love and the profession of her parents.

11:05 Music of Public Image with Marty Duda

When the Sex Pistols imploded in 1978, Johnny Rotten wasted no time in forming a new band. Now operating under his given name, John Lydon, he formed Public Image Ltd with guitarist Keith Levene, Jah Wobble on bass and drummer Jim Walker. The premiered with their first single, Public Image in October of '78 with a sound not unlike the Pistols. But PiL put everyone on notice with their second album, Metal Box. With their stripped down dub-influenced sound…heavy on hypnotic bass lines and Levene's scratchy guitar lines…PiL seemed intent on tearing down punk and inventing something completely new. The result was what was eventually known as post-punk, a wide-ranging tern that included like-minded bands like Wire, Gang Of Four and Joy Division. Lydon and PiL continued through the 21980s with an ever-changing lineup, scoring their biggest hit in 1983 with This Is Not A Love Song. Lydon eventually disbanded the act in 1992 and went on to reunite the Sex Pistols. Surprisingly, Lydon revived the PiL name in 2009 with several members from the mid-80s. It turns out not to be a one-off and their second album, What The World Needs Now, is released this week

11:30 Law commentator Simon Jefferson QC

Simon Jefferson discusses the role the family court plays in the lives of children in state care.

11:45 Science with Siouxsie Wiles

Scientists take over Queenstown for Queenstown Research Week. CPR: TV medical dramas make resuscitation look twice as effective as in real life. Mimicking viruses to deliver medicines. And Anxious mice



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