09:05 Dairy prices

The overall average for dairy commodities in the Global Dairy Trade auction fell 10.7 percent to $US2082 per tonne. Alex Wright, Northland Dairy Farmer, Fonterra Shareholder and Member of Federated Farmers; Ashley Cullen from Northland Federated Farmers; and Scott Wishart, National Manager of Agriculture, Bank of NZ.

09:20 New information from Pluto

A new picture of Pluto's surface shows evidence of active geology and mountains comparable to the Rockies and nearly as high as Aoraki/Mt Cook. NASA has presented the first images acquired by the New Horizons probe during its historic flyby of Pluto. Dr Jim Green is NASA's Planetary Science Division Director.

09:30 The future of the Olympic Games

Belinda Wheaton and Holly Thorpe are Waikato University researchers who've been commissioned by the IOC to find out the youth perceptions of the Games. Olympic organisers are trying to turn around diminishing numbers of youth viewers. 

The IOC is already considering including surfing in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, but is considering whether more lifestyle sports, such as skateboarding and parkour should be included.

Dr Wheaton and Dr Thorpe will conduct research across five continents over the coming year before making recommendations to the IOC.

09:45 UK correspondent Dame Ann Leslie

Pamela Meyer10:05 Lying, a pandemic of deception - how to spot a liar

Lie detector Pamela Meyer is a leading deception detection expert in the US and the CEO of Calibrate, which is a deception detection training company based in Washington DC.

She claims we're facing a pandemic of deception, and says there are tools people can employ that can help take back the truth.

She will talk about what gives people away - indicators of lying such as your posture, eyes, breathing rate, fidgets, and a host of other indicators. Are white lies okay to smooth the way, how often are we lied to, and the ability of lying to break up families and bring down organisations.

10:35 Book review: 'Blackout' by Sarah Hepola

Published by Hodder, RRP$37.99. Reviewed by Elisabeth Easther.      

10:45 The Reading: 'I Am Not Esther' by Fleur Beale, read by Hana Pomare

The tale of a teenager's battle for identity after her mother sends her to live with relatives in a closed religious sect (9 of 10, RNZ).

11:05 New technology with Sarah Putt             

New Technology commentator Sarah Putt discusses the demise of chat site Reddit's chief executive and problems with its moderation; and how twitter has started selling advertising.

Helena Pastor11:20 Wild Boys - A Parent's Story of Tough Love by Helena Pastor

Kathryn Ryan talks to Dutch-Australian writer about her book Wild Boys, which explores the challenges of 'tough love' from a mother's perspective and offers an intimate insight into reconnecting teenagers with their families and communities. Helena Pastor wrote Wild Boys to shine a light on the difficulty she faced raising one of her four sons, the mistakes she made and how she learned to deal with challenges by ultimately using tough love. 

11:45 Film review with Dan Slevin       

Today is opening day of the NZ International Film Festival in Auckland, Dan tell us about the films he's seen and what the themes are.

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