09:05 Supercity rifts within Wellington Regional Council
Paul Swain is on the Wellington Regional Council. Fran Wilde is the chair of the Wellington Regional Council

09:30 As NZ commits to Iraq, what's the true human rights situation?

As the militant group Islamic State has carved a swathe through Iraq, Syria and Libya, it has become known for high-profile murder videos - posted online - of journalists, aid workers, a pilot, and Egyptian Coptic Christians. It comes along with horror stories about widespread rape, public beheadings and floggings, and reports of suspected homosexuals being thrown from buildings, in cities that IS has taken control of. Will Western-led air strikes, and shoring up the Iraqi army - as New Zealand is planning to do in a training capacity - help prevent such atrocities? Yifat Susskind is the executive director of Madre, an international women's rights organisation, and has been working closely with human rights activists on the ground in Iraq.

09:45 UK correspondent, Jon Dennis

Jon Dennis reports on the three British schoolgirls feared to have flown to Syria to join Islamic State, Ex-foreign secretaries caught in cash-for-access.

10:05 Why is gluten a food villain?

Professor Peter Gibson is a professor of gastroenterology at Australia's Monash University. He has spent many years studying irritable bowel syndrome and its links to gluten, and says his team has proven that gluten is not the culprit.

10:35 Book review: 'The Chimes' by Anna Smaill

Published by Hodder. Reviewed by Carole Beu.

10:45 The Reading: 'Kirkcaldies, 3 O'Clock' by Vincent O'Sullivan

A two-part story from the short story collection 'The Families'. Read by Donna Akersten (Part 1 of 2, RNZ)

11:05 New technology with Sarah Putt

Sarah Putt discusses why Spark and Chorus are at odds over pricing, Apple's diverse emojis and Open Source academy turns five.

SigneWhitson11:25 Parenting - dealing with girl bullying

US-based social worker, school counsellor and author Signe Whitson has spent many years looking into bullying by girls. She is the author of Friendship & Other Weapons, a discussion guide and curriculum for parents and teachers and regularly speaks to schools about girl bullying.

11:45 Film Review with Dan Slevin

Dan Slevin discusses Academy Award-winning documentary about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Citizen Four.


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