09:05 Why are unqualified people able to practise as social workers?

The Social Workers Registration Board is urging the government to make registration mandatory, where currently it is voluntary. It says that there are 12 thousand people who identified their profession as Social Worker in last year's census who by law are able to practice without qualification, police clearance, supervision or professional development.

Sean McKinley, the Chief Executive of the Social Workers Registration Board explains.  

09:20 How the health system can best deal with musculoskeletal pain

Musculoskeletal pain was estimated in 2012 to cost the country more than $5.5 billion a year and sends as many as 15% of New Zealanders to the GP each year. It's also responsible for a major chunk of claims to ACC, as well as those on benefits for sickness or invalid purposes. And with New Zealand's over 65 year old population due to double by the year 2030, the problem of muscle, bone and joint pain is only set to grow. Talking about the best way for health systems to approach and deal with the issue is Suzanne McDonough, Health and Rehabilitation Professor at the University of Ulster's Institute of Nursing and Health Research.

09:35 Youth depression phone app wins award

An New Zealand company's mobile phone app to help to deal with youth depression has just won an award in the US. Siobhan Bulfin is the founder of NZ company Social Code.

09:45 Africa correspondent Debora Patta

Reports on Ebola in Africa, what has happened to the kidnapped school girls in Nigeria.

Alvy Ray Smith10:05 Alvy Ray Smith, pioneer of computer graphics

Alvy Ray Smith is one of the pioneers of the computer graphics industry. His work with computers started with the very birth of the personal computer in the 1960s, and the development of the computer graphics tools which revolutionised the way we watch films. He directed the first computer graphics sequence in a motion picture, the Genesis sequence from Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan in 1982.

He went on to direct the world's first computer animated short film in 1984 - The Adventures of Andre & Wally B. He also went on to found Pixar with Ed Catmull. He talks to Kathryn Ryan about his career and what the future holds for CGI.

He will be visiting New Zealand in early December as a guest of the US Embassy and Auckland University of Technology to deliver a lecture Technology & entertainment: From pixel to Pixar and beyond.

10:35 Book review: 'Revolution' by Russell Brand

Reviewed by Charlotte Graham. Published by Century  RRP $39.99

Comedian and actor Russell Brand expands on an fiery interview on BBC's Newsnight a year ago, in which he took on legendary interviewer Jeremy Paxman. In it, Brand lamented the state of the world and exhorted people to not vote, in order to help spark a revolution. Now Brand - whose previous two autobiographies centred mainly on his sex addiction, drug addiction, and self-destructive antics in various TV jobs - gets serious about how he thinks the global political elite can be brought down. Does it work?

10:45 The Reading: 'Carnival Sky' by Owen Marshall

After resigning to go abroad, a journalist finds his life on hold as he joins his family in Central Otago, waiting and coming to terms with the impending death of his father (1 of 10, RNZ)

11:05 Political commentators Mike Williams and Matthew Hooton

Mike Williams and Matthew Hooton discuss the election of Andrew Little as the new Labour leader and the ongoing criticism of Ian Rennie over his handling of the Sutton sexual harassment case.

11:30 Korean street food recipes with stall owner Eunmi Kang

28-year-old Eunmi Kang learned to cook in her hometown of Busan, Korea - and she's now bringing her own twist on Korean street food to Wellingtonians through her stall, Miss Kangsta, at the Willis Street food court. She takes traditional Korean fare and combines it with kiwi favourites - including plenty of cheese - to create delicious food that suits Western palates.

Eunmi discusses recipes for Jeyuk (Marinated Spicy BBQ Pork with Kimchi) and Bulgogi (Marinated BBQ Beef).

11:45 Urbanist Tommy Honey

Technology in the classroom: blessing or curse?

New All-Digital Curriculums Hope to Ride High-Tech Push in Schoolrooms, NY Times
Privacy Concerns for ClassDojo and Other Tracking Apps for Schoolchildren, NY Times
Do School Behavior-Tracking Apps Help or Hurt? NY Times
To Help Language Skills of Children, a Study Finds, Text Their Parents With Tips, NY Times
Protecting Student Privacy in Online Learning, NY Times

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