09:05 Former CIA operative in Iraq discusses ISIS beheading

A video posted online appears to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff in Syria by an Islamic State militant. The video surfaced two weeks after James Foley, another American journalist, was beheaded by ISIS, in a video that warned Mr Sotloff would be killed next. The beheadings, believed to have been carried out by British jihadists in Syria, have increased pressure on the United States to act on the ISIS problem.

The militants have carved a swathe through Iraq and Syria, carrying out atrocities the United Nations says amount to "inhumanity on an unimaginable scale". The UN Human Rights Council is sending an emergency mission to Iraq to investigate potential war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Discussing the situation is Patrick Skinner, a former CIA case officer and counter-terrorism expert who has worked in Iraq. He is now Director of Special Projects for the international security consultants, Soufan Group, based in New York.

09:20 Forty-five Fijian peacekeepers kidnapped in Golan Heights

Sitiveni Rabuka is the former commander of the Fiji army and former Prime Minister. Adialumeci Racaca's brother Nasi Racaca is one of  45 Fijian peacekeepers kidnapped in the Golan Heights.

09:30 Kiwi Aversion training for dogs

Dogs are the biggest predator of Kiwi, and owners who live or work in areas where there are Kiwi are being encouraged to take their dogs to aversion training, in which a small shock is given to the dog when it gets the smell of a Kiwi.

Wendy Sporle is the National Mentor for Advocacy, Kiwis for Kiwi.

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

10:05 Sir Robert Stewart on heading a Canterbury family business for five decades

Sir Robert Stewart left school at 15 and started his own Christchurch manufacturing business at 25, ending up supplying some of the world's biggest companies including Coca-Cola Amatil.

10:30 Book Review: A History of Contemporary Jewellery in Australia and New Zealand by Damian Skinner and Kevin Murray

Reviewed by David Hill. Published by Bateman RRP $69.99, available in-store from 12 September.

10:45 The Reading: 'On the Way to the Grave' a short story by John Darkin read by Paul Harrop

Jack, a fiction writer with writer's block, has his conventional thinking challenged by a self-help book.

11:05 Marty Duda's artist of the week

Blues-rocker Johnny Winter passed away while on tour in Switzerland this past July. Winter was one of the hottest blues guitarist of the late 1960s, the subject of a fierce bidding war between record labels, a stand-out at Woodstock and an interpreter of songs by Dylan, The Stones and John Lennon, among many others. His version of Dylan’s 'Highway 61 Revisited' is considered his signature tune and The Rolling Stones wrote 'Silver Train' expressly for Winter. An albino with long, thin hair, Johnny and his brother Edgar Winter were among the most exciting performers of the 1970s. A student of the blues, Johnny produced several albums by his idol, Muddy Waters. His latest, posthumous album, Step Back, features Johnny playing old favourites with a bevy of guitar-slinging guests such as Eric Clapton, Ben Harper, Billy Gibbons and Joe Perry.

1. Highway 61 Revisited – Johnny Winter taken from 1969 album, “Second Winter” (Columbia)
2  Silver Train – Johnny Winter taken from 1973 album, “Still Alive And Well” (Columbia)
3. Rock & Roll People – Johnny Winter taken from 1974 album, “John Dawson Winter III” (Columbia)
4. Death Letter – Johnny Winter taken from 2014 album, “Step Back” (Megaforce)

11:30 Media law with Ursula Cheer

Legal commentator Ursula Cheer discusses Judge Whata's suppression orders surrounding the case of murderer and rapist, Aaron McDonald.

11:45 Science commentator Siouxsie Wiles

Siouxsie Wiles discusses new revelations about micro-organisms.