09:05 The search for MH370 enters a new phase

New Zealander Rob McCallum - an underwater search specialist whose Seattle-based firm is in line to lead the next phase of the search for MH370. His company has a range of deep sea submersibles and sonar equipment and he  played a key role in the recovery of the Air France black boxes in the Atlantic Ocean in 2011.

09:20 AgResearch defends major restructuring, despite strong opposition

Agresearch's chief executive Tom Richardson.

09:30 World Medical Association president Dr. Margaret Mungherera

Dr. Margaret Mungherera is a Ugandan psychiatrist who is the head of the Ugandan Medical Association and the first African woman to head the World Medical Association, the umbrella body representing doctors all over the world. Dr Mungherera has been a doctor for 30 years and a psychiatrist for 20 years, with forensic psychiatry as her special area of interest. She is visiting Wellington as a guest of the New Zealand Medical Association. She will discuss the challenges facing doctors worldwide in their work providing good healthcare.

09:40 Former Agresearch scientist criticises restructuring plan

Ken McNatty is Professor of Reproductive Biology at Victoria University of Wellington.

09:45 Asia correspondent Jamil Anderlini

10:05 Fat activist, model, performer and film-maker Kelli Jean Drinkwater

Documentary-maker, model, performer, and fat activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater discusses her new documentary, Aquaporko that tells the story of a fat femme synchronised swimming troupe. Kelli Jean is a founding member of Aquaporko, a self-identified group of radical fatties who reclaim their bodies in public space through the art of water dance. Kelli Jean's work in dance, modelling and activism is concerned with challenging representations of bigger bodies and trying to encourage fat positive visibility. Her practice uses confrontational humor and irony to give audiences a first-hand insight into living as a fat person, while also creating complex and empowered images of people of size. Her modelling work has featured in fashion magazines worldwide. Aquaporko is screening at the Outtakes Reel Queer Film Festival.    

Gallery: Fat activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater

10:30 John McIntyre reviews Children's Books                              

Flight of the Honey Bee by Raymond Huber, illustrated by Brian Lovelock, published by Walker Books, ISBN 978-1-921529-66-5
Watch Out Snail by Gay Hay, Margaret Tolland, published by Page Break, ISBN 978-0-473-22644-2
Harbour Bridge 1958-59 by Philippa Werry, published by Scholastic, ISBN 978-1-77543-166-4

10:45 The Reading: The Cave, by AP Gaskell, read by Martyn Sanderson

An old man's childhood memories of a community boating tragedy. (No audio available for this reading)

11:05 New Music with Grant Smithies               

Grant Smithies features music from independent record label Arch Hill.

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

11:45 The Week That Was with Radar and Pinky Agnew

Music played in this show

Artist: Sister Sledge
Song: Thinking Of You
Composer: Rodgers / Edwards
Album: n/a
Label: Old Gold
Broadcast time: 10:06am

Grant Smithies choices…

Artist: The Haints Of Dean Hall
Song: Silver Apparition
Comp: Reay, McCool.
Album: The Haints Of Dean Hall
Label: Arch Hill
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Artist: David Kilgour and Sam Hunt
Song: Chord
Comp: Kilgour, Hunt
Album: Falling Debris
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Artist: Bachelorette
Song: My Electric Husband
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Album: The End Of Things E.P.
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Artist: Street Chant
Song: Scream Walk
Comp: Littler/Rogers/Brown
Album: Means
Label: Arch Hill
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Artist: Surf City
Song: No Place To Go
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Album: We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This  
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