30 May 2014

Fat activist, model, performer Kelli Jean Drinkwater

From Nine To Noon, 10:11 am on 30 May 2014

Documentary-maker, model, performer, and fat activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater discusses her new documentary, Aquaporko that tells the story of a fat femme synchronised swimming troupe. Kelli Jean is a founding member of Aquaporko, a self-identified group of radical fatties who reclaim their bodies in public space through the art of water dance. Kelli Jean's work in dance, modelling and activism is concerned with challenging representations of bigger bodies and trying to encourage fat positive visibility. Her practice uses confrontational humor and irony to give audiences a first-hand insight into living as a fat person, while also creating complex and empowered images of people of size. Her modelling work has featured in fashion magazines worldwide. Aquaporko is screening at the Outtakes Reel Queer Film Festival.