09:05 CYF in Christchurch has been using security guards to supervise at risk children when a suitable placement cannot be found

Gerard Direen, principal of Linwood Avenue Primary School; Dr Mike Field, director of the Canterbury Youth Development Programme; and Chris Harvey, the Southern Regional director for Child, Youth and Family.

09:25 An enquiry based approach to learning maths, being pioneered in three South Auckland Schools

Senior maths educator Professor Glenda Anthony is co-director of the Centre of Excellence for Research in Mathematics Education at Massey University's Institute of Education. She is developing is a pro-active enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning maths, which is being pioneered in three Mangere schools by her Massey colleague Dr Bobby Hunter, a leading Pasifika maths educator.

09:50 UK correspondent Jon Dennis

10:05 Marcus Chown - on the secrets of the Universe

Marcus Chown is a science writer, journalist and broadcaster and the cosmology consultant for New Scientist magazine. He is the author of many popular science books and recipient of the 2011 Future Book Award for his iPad app The Solar System, Chown says his test for whether he understands something is if he can explain it to someone waiting for a bus. He will be a guest at Writers Week at the 2014 NZ Festival of the Arts.

10:35 Book Review with Gyles Beckford

Empires of the Dead by David Crane
Published by Fourth Estate

10:45 Reading. Wulfsyarn by Phillip Mann - Part 2

A giant storm has swept across the planet and slammed into the stricken spaceship, The Nightingale - with disastrous consequences. Part 4 of 10.

11:05 New technology commentator Erika Pearson

Amazon's plan to deliver small packages by drone, and 3D printers to print replacement body parts.

11:30 Parenting

Psychiatry Professor, Gin Malhi, on his research into the minds of teenage girls and early signals of the development of depression.

11:45 Film review with Dan Slevin

New releases Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa and 20 Feet from Stardom.

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