09:05 Questions continue about a group of young men boasting online about sex with underage girls

Why are the police powerless to act? Crown Prosecutor Simon Moore.

09:15 Questions continue about a group of young men boasting online about sex with underage girls

Justice Minister Judith Collins.

09:25 Roastbusters online sex scandal

Frances Bird, director of Health Promotion for Family Planning.

09:35 "Fair price" of copper broadband and voice services

Telecommunications Commissioner Dr Stephen Gale discusses the Commerce Commission's final determination on the `fair price' of copper broadband and voice services. Its draft decision was that they should be cut by around 25% but the government doesn't want to do that because of its impact on Chorus, which provides the copper internet and voice network.

09:45 US correspondent Jack Hitt

10:05 Karpal Singh - acclaimed Malaysian defence lawyer, politician, and human rights advocate

Karpal Singh is regarded as Malaysia's top constitutional and criminal lawyer, and over four decades in the profession has been involved in most of the country's highest profile cases, including his defence of then-Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on sodomy charges. Karpal has also worked most of his adult life as a Member of Parliament and human rights advocate, which has led to numerous attempts by the country's rulers to persecute him, including under Malaysia's sedition laws. Despite a near-fatal car crash in 2005, which means he now uses a wheelchair, Karpal – now 73 – is still a politician, lawyer, and once again fighting sedition charges. A new biography, written by Wellington journalist Tim Donoghue, is out now.

Karpal Singh - Tiger of Jelutong is published by Penguin.

10:35 Book Review with Sonja de Freiz

The Life and Art of Lynley Dodd by Finlay MacDonald
Published by Penguin

10:45 Reading: Double Happiness - How Bullshit Works written and read by Joe Bennett (Part 2 of 5)

Joe talks about the post hoc fallacy with particular emphasis on claims of miracle cures and homeopathy.

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

Broadband pricing and the Meridian float.

11:30 Lauren Earl - author and designer of the Flatter's Survival Guide

Lauren Earl's Flatter's Survival Guide is published by Awa Press.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

Bevan Chuang's TV interview; Bauer's purchase of the Woman's Weekly; and Listener and the NZ Herald's coverage of mental health and sport.

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