09:05 Why were two recent dairy scares not detected in New Zealand?

Paul McGilvary, ceo of Tatua Cooperative, which bought a batch of the lactoferrin and sold it to a Chinese customer; and John Brooks, Auckland University Professor of Food Microbiology.

09:25 Who should foot the growing bill for therapy treatments for people with mental illness?

Kyle MacDonald, spokesperson for the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists; and David Drillien, Sovereign Insurance general manager of product and marketing.

09:45 US correspondent Jack Hitt

10:05 Albatross researchers Kath Walker and Graeme Elliot

Kath Walker and Graeme Elliot have been studying wandering albatross on the remote Antipodes and Adams Islands in the southern ocean for more than two decades. They go to the islands for up to three months – sometimes camping on rocky outcrops on the sides of the inhospitable islands, counting, banding, observing the amazing birds – all during unpaid leave from their regular jobs.

Gallery: tracking the wandering albatross

Courting Gibson s wandering albatrosses on Adams Island
Courting Gibson s wandering albatrosses on Adams Island. Image courtesy of Kath Walker.

10:35 Book Review with Elisabeth Easther

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton
Published by Victoria University Press, RRP$45.00

10:45 Reading: 'Sourdough' a short story by Chris Baker

Dave is schizophrenic and finds it very hard to relate to people. His flatmate Russell, (who has bipolar), has just moved out and Dave is very happy about it, until he begins to think about the good times that they had. Read by Peter Hambleton.

11:05 Jesse Ryder positive test for banned substance

Sports administrator and sports medicine specialist, Professor David Gerrard. Professor Gerrard is a former chairman of Drug Free Sport NZ and currently is on the organisation's Therapeutic Use Exemption.

11:30 Business commentator Rod Oram

Analysis of a book called Get off the Grass by Sean Hendy and the late Sir Paul Callaghan, which lays out the argument for much more, and serendipitous, science, as the way for New Zealand to find its economic fortune.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

Security intelligence and Australian newspaper readership figures.


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