09:05 Information sharing between governments

Air Marshall Sir Bruce Ferguson, the former director of the GCSB, says the organisation did not use data shared by other countries to circumvent New Zealand laws around what it's allowed to access. Following the revelations about the massive, top-secret United States intelligence monitoring programme called Prism, questions have been raised about what kinds of data the New Zealand spy agency had access to from overseas, and what such data might have been used for.

09:20 Accessing government ministers' emails

The New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is keeping up pressure over who leaked the GSCB inquiry report to the media and is defending his own use of leaked information about Parliamentary emails in pursuit of the matter. We ask Nicholai Anderson, a Principal in public law and employment law about who has access to Ministers' email correspondence, and in what circumstances.

09:35 Investor education and financial literacy

Gerri Walsh, senior vice-president of Investor Education at the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, who is giving the keynote address at the Financial Literacy Summit; and Diane Maxwell, interim Retirement Commissioner.

09:50 Australia correspondent Peter Munro

10:05 Domestic abuse survivor Lani Brennan

Author of Lani's Story: Not a victim. A Survivor. Lani speaks about surviving horrendous domestic abuse and the long drawn-out battle with the legal system to bring her ex-partner to justice.

10:35 Book Review with John King

The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel
Published by Hachette NZ

10:45 Reading:Mercenary Territory by Susan Pointon

Told by William Kircher and Sarah Boddy

11:05 Marty Duda's Artist of the Week

British post-punk band Killing Joke have been a going concern since 1978. Led by the charismatic and volatile singer Jaz Coleman, they became one of the early “goth” bands before expanding their sound to include influences like dub, Egyptian, metal and synth-pop. The band has been particularly busy lately releasing a career retrospective called Singles, being the subject of a documentary film, The Death And Resurrection Show, and taking part in a world tour that brings them to New Zealand for the first time this Thursday. Oh, and Jaz Coleman is also writing a book and the next Killing Joke album.

1. Wardance (3:47) - Killing Joke taken from 1980 album "Killing Joke" (EG)
2. Love Like Blood (4:21) - Killing Joke taken from 1985 album "Night Time" (EG)
3. Jana (3:58) - Killing Joke taken from 1994 album "Pandemonium" (Zoo)
4. In Cythera (3:31) -Killing Joke taken from 2012 album "MMXII" (Spinefarm)

11:30 Legal commentator Stephen Franks

11:45 Arts commentator Mark Amery

Two exhibitions which take two very different approaches to portraiture.

Marianne Muggeridge: Taken Personally
Warhol: Immortal