09:05 SkyCity pokies-for-convention centre deal gets the green light

Metiria Turei, Green Party co-leader; Max Abbott, director of AUT's Gambling and Addictions Research Centre; and Nigel Morrison, SkyCity chief executive.

09:30 What constitutes a charity - particularly when it comes to tax-exemptions?

Dr Michael Gousmett, independent charity sector researcher; and Trevor Garrett, former chief executive of the Charities Commission, which last year was disestablished and its functions moved into the Department of Internal Affairs.

09:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

Alarm bells sounded over Europe's record high youth unemployment; the UK Education Secretary says he would vote to leave EU if a vote were held today; and growing evidence of human to human transmission of a deadly new coronavirus.

10:05 Charles Moore - Margaret Thatcher's biographer

Charles Moore is the former editor of The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator. He was chosen by Margaret Thatcher to write her biography and had full access to her private papers, family and former colleagues. The only proviso was that the book be published after her death.

10:45 Reading: The Conductor by Sarah Quigley

Read by Peter Bland

The story of the writing and historic performance of Shostakovich's 7th Symphony during the siege of Leningrad.

(Part 11 of 15)

11:05 Book Review with Phil Vine

Big Brother by Lionel Shriver
Published by HarperCollins Australia

11:15 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Mike Williams

The Auckland housing plan; SkyCity convention centre deal; GCSB legislation; Aaron Gilmore; and the Mighty River Power float.

11:30 Guest chef Nici Wickes and wine commentator John Hawkesby

Pork Shoulder Braised in Apple Cider Vinegar (Spain)
Honey and Sultana Ricotta Cake (Greece)

Book details: Cook, Eat, Enjoy: Tasty Dishes From My Travels To Your Kitchen by Nici Wickes, published by HarperCollins Publishers.

11:45 Off The Beaten Track with Kennedy Warne

Kennedy says his most significant nature experiences happen in his own backyard.

Gallery: The Wilderness Next Door

Glasswort provides a cryptic perch for grasshoppers of Pollen Island.
Glasswort Sarcocornia quinqueflora provides a cryptic perch for grasshoppers of Pollen Island. Photograph by Kennedy Warne.

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