09:05 The worsening shortage of skilled IT workers

Tony Keusgen, head of Google NZ; and Gareth Cronin, vice-president of product development at Orion Health.

09:25 Predictions that the Christchurch rebuild cost will reach $40 billion

Peter Townsend, CEO of the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce who believes the rebuild will cost $40 billion and that the Government's estimate of $30 billion is only indicative.

09:45 Pacific correspondent Megan Whelan

PNG sorcery and women; young people in Fiji petition to reject the regime's draft constitution; and Pacific parliamentarians gather in Wellington.

10:05 Richard Reynolds -guerilla gardening

London-based Richard Reynolds is a proponent of guerilla gardening – it's all about cultivating plants in public places where neglected orphaned land is under-utilised, overgrown or just left to decay.

10:35 Book review with Ralph McAllister

The Twins by Saskia Sarginson
Published by Hachette NZ

10:45 Reading: Afternoon Tea With The Ladies, a short story by Wendy Craig

Private Brierley, invalided home after losing a leg in WWI, attends a reception in his honour arranged by the women of the Patriotic League. He struggles to balance his own horrific experiences with the jingoistic, rose tinted view held by the women

11:05 Music with Sean McKenna

New music from Wellington group The Phoenix Foundation, French band Phoenix, and a Nick Drake tribute album.

Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Songs: Black Mould
Sideways Glance
Comp: The Phoenix Foundation
Album: Fandango
Label: Universal

Artist: Various
Song: Time Has Told Me (performed by Krystle Warren)
Comp: Drake
Album: Way to Blue - the Songs of Nick Drake
Label: Navigator Records

Artist: Phoenix
Song: Drakkar Noir
Comp: Phoenix
Album: Bankrupt!
Label: Glassnote

11:30 Sports commentator Joseph Romanos

11:45 The Week That Was with James Elliot and Pinky Agnew

Music played in this show


The Shins: 'Simple Song'
from their 2012 album "Port of Morrow"

Eilen Jewell: 'Warning Signs'
from her 2011 album "Queen of the Minor Key"