09:05 Further job cuts at DoC

Jaqueline Beggs, senior lecturer in Ecology and Entomology at University of Auckland and also the immediate past chair of the Auckland Conservation Board; Dr Gerry McSweeney, conservationist; and Jen Miller, Forest and Bird's Canterbury West Coast field officer,  formerly a Department of Conservation staff member.

09:20 Animal welfare law

The Hon Michael Kirby, former Justice of the High Court of Australia who has turned his attention to animal rights and the law.

Michael is a recent convert to vegetarianism and is a patron of the Human Animal Research Network, and a patron of Voiceless, Australia's animal protection institute.

He's giving a public lecture about animal welfare law at the University of Otago tomorrow.

09:45 Middle East correspondent Jamie Dettmer

10:05 Jo Paoletti  - gender clothing for children

Jo Paoletti is an Associate Professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland.


Book: Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America

10:25 Book Review with Rae McGregor

Patched: A History of Gangs in New Zealand by Jarrod Gilbert
Published by Auckland University Press

10:45 Reading: Life Is A Ten Letter Word, a short story by Kath Beattie

Told by Nigel Collins

Mason gets a summer job working on a remote DOC Island undertaking conservation work with three 'old roosters' who love to play scrabble.

11:05 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Mike Williams

Shearer's forgotten bank account; Susan Devoy, the new Race Relations Commissioner; Hekia Parata's speech to the Secondary Principals' Association; no enquiry into Solid Energy; Novopay's technical report; and latest political polling.

11:30 Guest chef Peter Vitasovich

Peter Vitasovich is the owner and managing director of Greenshell New Zealand Ltd.  He’ll discuss setting up his business and provide mussel recipes. John Hawkesby suggests wines to match.

Steamed Mussels
Mussel Fritters
Half Shell Mussels With Garlic Butter On The Grill

11:45 Off The Beaten Track with Kennedy Warne 

In keeping with World Neighbours Day, celebrated over the weekend – one of the aims of which is to "turn streets into neighbourhoods" – on Saturday Kennedy walked along one of the streets in his neighbourhood, which was turned into an art walk over the weekend for the Auckland Arts Festival.

Gallery: the Rosebank project

Avondale spider strolls Rosebank Road in Brit Bunkley s techno arachnid installation on Rosebank Artwalk
Avondale spider strolls Rosebank Road in Brit Bunkley's techno arachnid installation on Rosebank Artwalk. Photograph by Kennedy Warne.