09:05 Review of biopsy errors

Can women have faith in the National Breast Screening Programme? Jenny Engels, one of the women whose biopsy samples were mixed up, resulting in an unnecessary breast removal; Don Mackie, Ministry of Health chief medical officer; and Libby Burgess, Chair, Breast Cancer Aeotearoa Coalition.

09:30 The 40th anniversary of the Munich Olympic massacre

The 1972 Munich Olympics was torn apart by the abduction and massacre of Israeli athletes. New Zealander Dick Tayler was at those Games - rooming right next door to the Israelis. He shares his memories of that shocking time in history.

09:45 Asia correspondent Greg Torode

Vietnam's submarine deal with Moscow and monks in Myanmar protest in support of deporting the Muslim Rohingya minority.

10:05 Albert Wendt - novelist, poet, painter

Albert Wendt, novelist, poet, painter, has been called the father of Pacific writing.

10:35 Children’s Book Review with Doris Mousdale

How Do You Say Thank You by  Karamia Muller and Mark Peterson  
Published by Beatnik

Farmer John's Tractor by Sally Sutton  
Published by Walker Books

26 Storey Tree House by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton 
Published by Macmillan

10:45 Reading: Misse, a short story by Peter Butler

Read by Shane Bosher. Eric falls in love with his locum's E-type Jaguar.

11:05 Music with Sean McKenna

Artist: David Byrne & St Vincent
Album: Love This Giant
Songs: Who, The Forest Awakes

Artist: The xx
Album: Coexist
Song: Reunion

Artist: Bill Fay
Album: Life is People
Song: This World (with Jeff Tweedy)

Artist: Sean Rowe
Album: The Salesman and the Shark
Song: Horses

11:30 Sports commentator Richard Boock

Tomorrow’s All Blacks/Argentina rugby match.

11:45 The Week That Was with Pinky Agnew and Michele A'Court