09:05 Famed US computer programmer Vint Cerf speaks out about the battle for control of the Internet

Google's chief Internet evangelist Vint Cerf, who helped design the Internet back in the 1970s, discusses the battle for its control and why he believes the issue of state sovereignty is at the core of the Internet's problems. This comes ahead of a crucial meeting in December to revise a UN telecommunications treaty that could be extended to cover the Internet.

09:30 The once-in-a-century Tongariro eruption

Steve Sherburn, GNS duty vulcanologist; Callum Harland who runs the Discovery Lodge on state Highway 47, near the three mountains, as well as the Tongariro Crossign Shuttle;  and Dr Mich'eal Downard, the deputy mayor of the Taupo District Council.

09:50 US correspondent Luiza Savage

The Mitt Romney campaign trail.

10:05 Bioethicist and psychiatrist Robert Klitzman

The co-founder of Colombia University's Centre for Bioethics. He has conducted interviews with people struggling to decide whether to undergo genetic testing: whether to disclose the results to family and others; whether to have children, with the knowledge they have about their genetics; and/or to screen embryos. He is in New Zealand for the University of Otago, Genetics Otago Winter Lecture Series.

When Doctors Become Patients by Robert Klitzman.

10:35 Updated on the once-in-a-century Tongariro eruption

Dr Brad Scott, GNS; Dr Nick Peet from the Department of Conservation; and Inspector Brent Crowe from the New Zealand police.

10:45 Reading: 'Daisy' by Pip Adam read by Annie Whittle

The last in our series of short stories from Pip Adam's collection Everything we Hoped For, published by  Victoria University Press.

11:05 Book Review with Carole Beu

The Search for Anne Perry by Joanne Drayton
Published by HarperCollins Publishers

11:15 Update from on the Tongariro eruption

David Coetzee, the National Controller for Civil Defence.

11:20 Business commentator Rod Oram

The bill on the Exclusive Economic Zone that's expected to be passed into law shortly.

11:35 Technology helps give self-publishing a makeover

Kevin Chapman, managing director of Hachette NZ and president of Publishers Association of New Zealand; and Paul Mannering, Writer of two self-published e-Books.

11:50 TV review with Lara Strongman

The Newsroom, Olympics coverage and Corriegeddon/Coropocalypse - Coronation Street's horrific tram crash and  aftermath.