09:05 Children who commit serious crimes

A new report recommends major changes to the way agencies and the courts deal with these children. Criminal psychologist Ian Lambie is a member of the independent advisory group on youth offending, led by the principal Youth Court judge by Judge Becroft. The group made a submission to the inquiry.

09:25 The end of the golden weather for the tourism sector

Lincoln University tourism professor David Simmons is the co-author of a new report The State of the Tourism Sector 2012 finds that while spending by visitors remained relatively stable in the last year, the industry has lost its position as the number one export earner and foreign exchange earnings by the sector have also fallen.

09:45 UK correspondent Kate Adie

The Tony Nicklinson right-to-die case, Olympics ticket fraud and Julian Assange wants Ecuador to give him asylum

10:05 Rodger Fox - veteran jazz musician

New Zealand jazz institution Rodger Fox on his decades at the forefront of the jazz scene. Earlier this year his Wellington Jazz Orchestra won a Tui award for best jazz album for Journey Home. Later this month he and the Wellignton Jazz Orchestra will travel to the US where they'll record an album at the famous Capitol Studios.

10:35 Book Review with Gail Pittaway

The J M Barrie Ladies' Swimming Society by Barbara J Zitwer
Published by Allen & Unwin

10:45 Reading: The Collector's Dream by Pierre Furlan (Part 9 of 10)

A quirky picaresque tale, tells of real life NZ inventor Franklin Bodmin and his collector son Will.

11:05 New Technology correspondent Donald Clark

FunnyJunk vs Oatmeal; Microsoft's response to the iPad; and the 'School Dinner blogger' saved.

11:20 Parenting

Celia Lashlie explores some of the issues around boys in today's world, and answers listeners' questions.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

The Fairfax restructure in Australia and that of rival News Corp.


Music played in this show


Dudley Benson: 'Pungawerewere (Spider)'
from the 2010 album 'Forest:  Songs by Hirini Melbourne'

Mavis Staples: 'Don't Knock'
from the 2010 album 'You Are Not Alone'

Rodger Fox's Wellington Jazz Orchestra: 'Bebop and Roses'
from the 2011 album 'Journey Home'

Rodger Fox's Wellington Jazz Orchestra: 'Sonny's Step'
from the 2011 album 'Journey Home'

Mel T orme: 'Right Now'
from the  1962 album "Comin' Home Baby"