09:05 The head of EQC reveals that it has negotiated its reinsurance

Earthquake Commission chief executive Ian Simpson talks about the commisson's recently concluded reinsurance negotiations and addresses frustration from quake-hit Canterbury residents about the frustration that many feel about the slow process of settling claims.

09:30 The 25 Percent Group

Goldman Sachs NZ CEO Andrew Barclay is the convenor of the newly-launched 25 Percent Group which is targeting 25% female participation on boards by 2015.

09:45 UK correspondent Matthew Parris

The aftermath of the Queen's Jubilee, a parade of former prime ministers before the Leveson Inquiry and Prime Minister David Cameron leaves his daughter at a pub.

10:05 Maritime historian and author Joan Druett - Captain Cook's polynesian navigator, Tupaia

Joan Druett's latest book Tupaia: The remarkable story of Captain Cook's Polynesian navigator, tells the story of the navigator that made Captian Cook's voyages possible.

Find out more about the images below.

Joseph Banks and Venus Fort
Left: Joseph Banks with South Seas souvenirs. Engraved from a portrait by Benjamin West, by J.R. Smith, 1788. From the collection of the Alexander Turnbull Library.
Right: Venus Fort, erected by the Endeavour’s people to secure themselves during the observation of the transit of Venus at Otaheite. Engraved by Samuel Middiman, from a sketch by Sydney Parkinson, 1773. © National Library of Australia.

10:35 Book Review with Louise O'Brien

Come Home by Lisa Scottoline
Published by Ebury Press

10:45 Reading: The Collector's Dream by Pierre Furlan (Part 4 of 10)

A quirky picaresque tale, tells of real life inventor Franklin Bodmin and his collector son Will.

11:05 New Technology with Donald Clark

New apple stuff; the right to be forgotten on the Internet; and cyber security awareness week.

An Introduction to Cybersecurity

Rachel Taulelei

11:20 Parenting with Rachel Hansen - assumptions and experiences of gender in the preschool years

Rachel Hansen is an educator providing workshops for parents, teachers and students on body image, sexuality and gender. She has a background in education and psychology. She's also the New Zealand programme director for Enlighten Education.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

Happy 80th birthday to the NZ Woman's Weekly; coverage of ACC versus Bronwyn Pullar and the role of The Dominion Post newspaper; plus Sir Bob Jones is back in print at The New Zealand Herald.