09:05 Principals at the country's more than 100 intermediate schools warn they'll have to cut staff and drop specialist subjects to meet the government's new funding and class ratio rules

Paul Drummond, president of the New Zealand Principals' Federation, which represents primary and intermediate schools; Wayne Codyre, principal of Ross Intermediate in Palmerston North, and Iain Taylor, principal of Manurewa Intermediate School in Auckland, a decile one school.

09:30 A pioneering trial has restored sight to some blind people

Tim Jackson, New Zealand-born and trained surgeon, who is leading a trial at the Oxford Eye Hospital and King's College Hospital in London which has restored sight to some blind people.

09:45 US correspondent Luiza Savage

10:05 Psychologist and author Claudia Hammond

UK broadcaster Claudia Hammond uses psychology and neuroscience to explore the subject of time in a new book Time Warped. It explains why holidays seem to fly by and time feels as if it speeds up as we age.

Test your own time perception.

10:35 New Zealand triplets die in Doha fire

Former Radio New Zealand journalist Tarek Bazley on the blaze in a Doha shopping mall that killed 19 people. The Government says the dead include New Zealand triplets.

10:40 Book Review with Jane Myhill

The Woman who Changed Her Brain by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
Published by HarperCollins

10:45 Reading: Harriet Moon, by Sarah Boddy

Read by Tess Jamieson-Karaha

Harriet Moon is the popular, artistic black sheep of the family and even though despised by her sister she is, ultimately, irresistible.

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

The Budget, and the profit results of Comvita, the world's biggest grower and marketer of manuka honey.

11:30 A learning tool developed in Christchurch is about to go global

Ros and David Lugg of Christchurch company Learning Staircase, who've developed the STEPS programme for children with learning difficulties.

11:45 TV Review with Lara Strongman

Girls and the campaign to lift the geoblock on Shortland Street, to allow the NZ diaspora to watch the 20th anniversary special.