09:05 Companies export jobs from Australia to NZ

Hundreds of Australian jobs have been shifted to New Zealand as companies try to avoid the impact of high wages, a soaring Aussie dollar and more restrictive labour laws. Peter Conway, Secretary of the Council of Trade Unions; and Lawrence Yule, Mayor of Hastings.

09:25 The disbanding of the 24th NZ Infantry Battalion Association

Murray Adlington, president of the 24th Battalion Association which is being disbanded on Saturday. The battalion was established in 1940 and its members fought in Greece, North Africa and Italy in World War II.

RSA Reunion Diary

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

10:05 Kim Sinclair - New Zealand film art director

A New Zealander who's an Oscar-winning art director, Kim Sinclair has worked on Tintin, Avatar (for which he won an art direction Oscar in 2010), Castaway, Last Samurai, among others. He trained as an architect but has worked in film since the early 1980s.

Kim Sinclair technically lives in Auckland but spends most of his time working overseas; he's in LA at the moment working on development for a film to be shot later in the year.

10:35 Book Review with Graham Beattie

The Lavender Keeper by Fiona McIntosh
Published by Michael Joseph

10:45 Reading: Burton's Grand Tootling Tour written and read by Dinah Priestley

(Part 3 of 5)

A whimsical travelogue in which the narrator and her companion Burton enjoy a 'tootling' tour through the back roads of England, Spain and India.

Audio will be available here after broadcast.

11:05 Marty Duda's Artist of the Week - Nanci Griffith

Austin, Texas singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith has a new album out entitled Intersection.

1. Love At The Five & Dime (7:08) - Nanci Griffith taken from 1988 album, "One Fair Summer Evening" (MCA)
2. Late Night Grande Hotel (3:35) - Nanci Griffith taken from 1991 album, "Late Night Grande Hotel" (MCA)
3. Boots Of Spanish Leather (5:17) - Nanci Griffith taken from 1993 album, "Other Voices, Other Rooms" (Elektra)
4. Hell No (I'm Not Alright) (2:23) - Nanci Griffith taken from 2012 album, "Intersection" (Proper)

11:30 Family lawyer Catriona MacLennan

Loan sharks and consumer law

11:40 The Christchurch rebuild announcement

Radio New Zealand reporter Rachel Graham on the announcement by Earthquake Recovery Minister, Gerry Brownlee, that the Government is establishing a new unit that has 100 days to prepare a blueprint to rebuild Christchurch's CBD.

11:45 Arts commentator Greg O'Brien

In May 2011 a group of leading artists from the South Pacific region travelled on the HMNZS Otago to a place rarely explored - the Kermadec Islands. The artists were Niuean-born John Pule, painter John Reynolds, inter-media artist Phil Dadson, leading Australian sculptor/installation artist Fiona Hall, Wellington-based sculptor Elizabeth Thomson, one of New Zealand's most acclaimed artists Dame Robin White, documentary film maker Bruce Foster, photographer Jason O'Hara, and text-based artist Gregory O'Brien.

An exhibition of all new art from these artists and inspired by their time in the waters of the Kermadec Trench is on display at NZ Maritime Museum in Auckland.