09:05 Government announces 18 initiatives for youth mental health, including school-based measures, family-based programmes, interventions delivered through the internet and social media, and improvements to youth mental health services

Sir Peter Gluckman, Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor; and Simon Denny, adolescent health physician and youth health researcher at Auckland University.

09:30 Intellectual Property - the future of copyright

Dr Francis Gurry, Director General, World Intellectual Property Organisation.

09:45 UK correspondent Kate Adie

10:05 German jazz musician Klaus Doldinger

Klaus Doldinger has been composing since the 1960s, including the screen scores for Das Boot and The NeverEnding Story. He is in New Zealand for the Jazz Festival in Tauranga, the World Cinema Showcase screenings of Das Boot and to run workshops for budding film composers.

10:35 Children's books with John McIntyre

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Published by Scholastic 
ISBN  978-1-407109-08-4

The Bridge  by Jane Higgins
Published by Text Publishing
ISBN  978-1-921758-33-1   

10:45 Reading: The Concert for Eventide by Tessa Duder

Read by Chelsea Bognuda

Jodie, a high school student is press ganged into organising a concert for the residents of the Eventide Rest Home.

11:05 New technology with Donald Clark

New Internet TV Service, Quickflix; driverless cars, closer than you think; and technology that lasts - for 10,000 years! - The Long Now Foundation.

11:30 Archaeology and Heritage commentator Brigid Gallagher

Tips for fossickers if they want to avoid being fined, and suggestions that Spanish, Portuguese and Greek people were the first to arrive in New Zealand.

11:45 The Week That Was with Radar and Irene Pink