09:05 The latest in the Ports of Auckland dispute

Nigel Haworth, Professor of Human Resource Development at the University of Auckland and former board member of Ports of Auckland.

09:20 What would happen if global temperatures rose by 2 degrees Celsius?

Victoria University sedimentologist Tim Naish was part of an international team of scientists looking at what would happen if global temperatures rose by 2C – the recommended limit set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Dr Naish investigated tiny fossils hidden in sediment in the Wanganui Basin. The fossils are known to exist at certain water depths, so they give clues to the sea levels millions of years ago. He also calculated sea level changes by looking at old shorelines which had been exposed by tectonic uplift.

09:30 How will drivers adapt to new road rules?

Deak Helton is a psychologist at the University of Canterbury - he specialises in transportation issues.

09:45 UK correspondent Dame Ann Leslie

10:05 Wyn Bowen - Nuclear Terrorism

Wyn Bowen, professor of Non-Proliferation & International Security and director of the Centre for Science & Security Studies in the Department of War Studies at King's College London. In 1997-98 he served as a weapons inspector on several missile teams in Iraq with the UN Special Commission and has also worked as a consultant to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

He will deliver a seminar Multilateral Cooperation and the Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism at the University of Auckland (Arts 1 Room 220) at 12pm on 26 March.

10:35 Book Review with Don Rood

Fishing the River of Time by Tony Taylor
Published by Text Publishing

10:45 Reading: Gifted by Patrick Evans, told by Stuart Devenie

Patrick Evans's fictional tale of the relationship between writers Frank Sargeson and Janet Frame, the young woman who in the mid-1950s arrived to stay in the old army hut beside his Takapuna house and wrote her first full-length novel there .

Audio will be available here after broadcast.

11:05 New Technology with Donald Clark

$100 billion and nothing to buy! What is Apple going to do with their massive cash pile?; free apps eat up your phone battery; new research from Microsoft labs (pdf); and you owe us $75 TRILLION - says the Recording Industry Association of America.

11:30 Imaginary Friends

Matthew Green is a primary school teacher in the US and an author on the side - and he had a very vivid imaginary friend as a child.

Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend by Matthew Green
Published by Hachette NZ

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis