09:05 A stark warning from the International Monetary Fund that the world economy has entered a danger zone and a double dip recession is looming

Peter Diamond, 2010 joint winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Emeritus Professor at MIT.

09:25 History weighs heavily on the showdown between the All Blacks and France this weekend

Karim Ben Ismail, lead rugby writer for France's daily sports newspaper L'Equipe.

09:45 UK correspondent Ann Leslie

10:05 Himalayan Hospitals - Sir Ed's Everest legacy

Michael Gill, author of Himalayan Hospitals: Sir Edmund Hillary's Everest Legacy, medical doctor and mountaineer who climbed with Sir Edmund Hillary and worked with him to set up the Himalayan Trust; and Dr Kami Temba, the first Sherpa doctor in charge at Khunde Hospital.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards continuing the work begun by Sir Edmund Hillary in Nepal.

Gallery: Photographs from Himalayan Hospitals: Sir Edmund Hillary's Everest Legacy

10:35 Book review with Crystal Beavis

Daughters of Erebus by Paul Holmes
Published by Hodder

10:45 Reading: A Gun In My Hand by Gordon Slatter  (Episode 9 of 10)

With a gun in his hand and bitterness in his heart, a man has returned to settle things once and for all with the men and women he has avoided ever since the war.

11:05 New technology with Donald Clark

Microsoft provides a sneak preview of next version of Windows; Google smears time; and coconuts and sunshine to power Tokelau (pdf)

11:20 Trout fishing

Philip Weigall lives near Ballarat, Victoria. He is a flyfishing guide and instructor at Millbrook Lakes, and regularly visits New Zealand to flyfish. His latest and eighth book is Fishing Sense, published by Exisle Publishing.

11:45 TV review with Simon Wilson

Rugby coverage on the TV networks.