09:05 Using tolls to fund new roads and bridges

Allan Griffin, former director of finance for the Tauranga City Council, who was involved in funding the original Tauranga Harbour Bridge, then New Zealand's only toll road; Stephen Selwood, chief executive of the NZ Council for Infrastructure Development; and Mike Lee, chairman of Auckland Council's Transport Committee.

A new report prepared for the New Zealand Transport Agency analyses funding options for an additional Waitemata bridge or new tunnel. Modelling by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research consultants looked at 6 and 8 dollar toll options for various crossing alternatives.

09:25 Adolescent extracurricular activity and alcohol use

Professor Bonnie Barber, chair of Psychology at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.

09:45 US correspondent Jack Hitt

10:05 Gill Sanderson - Mills and Boon romance writer

Every four seconds a Mills and Boon novel is sold. We meet one of its romance writers, Gill Sanderson, who in reality is a balding Yorkshireman called Roger. He is reportedly the only male Mills and Boon novelist and is one of the subjects of a new documentary, Guilty Pleasures, set to screen in the upcoming New Zealand Film Festival.

10:30 Book Review with Ian Chapman

Ray Columbus - The Mod Father: Life and Times of a Rock 'n Roll Pioneer by Ray Columbus with Margie Thompson
Published by Penguin

10:45 Reading: Dead People's Music by Sarah Laing (part 12 of 15)

The lives of two talented cellists, Klara from 1930s New York, and Rebecca her New Zealand born granddaughter, entwine and enthral.

Listen again to this reading.

11:05 Business commentatior Rod Oram

News form the agricultural sector, including new leadership at Federated Farmers, and whether we should be banking on a dairy bonanza in India.

11:30 Reuniting refugees with their families - Amanda Calder and Ranka Margetic-Sosa

Amanda Calder is a former lawyer and chair of Refugee Family Reunification Trust - she received the QSM in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours. Ranka Margetic-Sosa, orginally from Bosnia, is a registered psychotherapist who works with refugees.

Wellington Refugees As Survivors Trust

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch

Paul Henry's return to broadcasting and the Waikato Times' switch from being an evening paper to a morning one.