09:05 Pike River mining disaster

Geoff Valli, brother of Keith Valli - one of those killed in the mine disaster.

09:15 Pike River mining disaster

Reverend Andre Strauss, Minister of Afrikaans Church in Greymouth.

09:25 Pike River mining disaster

Assistant Police Commissioner Grant Nicholls.

09:45 Pike River mining disaster

David Bell, Senior Lecturer Engineering Geology at Canterbury University.

09:45 UK correspondent Kate Adie

10:05 Re-Wilding Africa

Tony Fitzjohn is a conservationist who for 30 years has successfully rehabilitated zoo animals into the wild and gained National Park status for two game reserves. He worked extensively with - and was mentored by - George Adamson of Born Free fame. Tony has just released a book - Born Wild: The Extraordinary Story of One Man's Passion for Lions and for Africa.

George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust: www.georgeadamson.org

10:30 Book Review with Don Rood

Bligh: Master Mariner by Rob Mundle
Published by Hachette

10:45 Reading. Many Mansions, a short story by Paula Morris from her collection Forbidden Cities

Catherine returns to England for her ex mother-in-law's funeral, a bitter sweet occasion.

11:05 Pike River mining disaster

Inspector Brigitte Nimmo, police officer who is welfare co-ordinator for families

11:15 New Technology with Nigel Horrocks

See Google's blurred out German office

Learn the secrets to Facebook

Check the US Beijing pollution readings

Read the Twitter CEO's Tweet about China

11:30 Parenting for separated and divorced fathers

Harald Breiding-Buss, general manager of the Father and Child Trust, who runs Father and Child Magazine and writes its parenting column.

11:45 TV review with Simon Wilson