09:05 Proposed three strikes law

Two law professors are speaking out about the proposed 3 strikes law - which they say is unjust and draconian, and are urging a major re-think.

Dr Richard Ekins, Auckland University Faculty of Law; and Associate Professor Warren Brookbanks, Auckland University.

09:20 Post Polio Syndrome

Edith Morris, president of the Post-Polio Society; and JB Munro, a former Labour MP and the brother of Bert Munro of The World's Fastest Indian fame - JB also had polio when he was a baby. Edith contracted polio when she was a baby. After years in institutions, Edith eventually became strong enough to walk with the help of leg braces and crutches - she put polio behind her and moved on with her life: marriage, children and a career.

But many years later her weakened muscles rebelled and the pain returned in what's known as post-polio syndrome, which affects some poliomylelitis survivors years after they've recovered from the initial acute attack.

Edith now uses a wheelchair, and is campaigning for greater recognition of the syndrome.


09:45 UK correspondent Michael White

10:05 Nicky Pellegrino

NZ based author whose fourth novel - Recipe for Life - begins with a rape scene, mirroring her own experience more than 20 years ago.

Recipe for Life by Nicky Pellegrino
Published by Orion

10:30 Book Review with Sonja de Freiz

House Rules by Jodi Picoult
Published by Allen & Unwin

10:45 Reading: Where Underpants Come From by Joe Bennett (Episode 4 of 12)

Joe becomes a lone, non-Chinese speaking tourist as he waits in Shanghai for the next site visit in his quest to trace his underpants back to their source.

11:05 New Technology with Nigel Horrocks

The Sabbath manifesto

Amazon book review with bad comments

Museum of Modern Art explains why it acquired @

Nigel's daily blog updates

11:30 Rekindling your relationship after childbirth

Martien Snellen, Australian peri-natal psychiatrist at Mercy Hospital for Women, Melbourne. He is also in private practice.

11:45 Week That Was with Radar and Irene Pink