09:05 Y oung Offenders Programme

Judges and youth workers disappointed at scrapping of pilot programme which has successfully stopped serious young offenders from re-offending.

Judge Carolyn Henwood, Former Youth Court Judge

09:30 Google vs China in hacking row

Clayton Dube, Associate Director of the University of Southern California U.S.-China Institute.

09:40 Colin MacDonald

Colin MacDonald is the Chief Executive of Land Information NZ - he is also a guitarist and singer with the covers band Live Wire.

09:45 US correspondent Jack Hitt

10:05 Rob Suisted

Rob Suisted is an outdoor photographer and wildlife advocate. He has released a new photographic book 'Majestic New Zealand'

Blog, Twitter

10:30 Book Review with Crystal Beavi

Long Time Coming by Robert Goddard

Published by Bantam Press

10:45 Reading.

"Paulie Tallis" by Owen Marshall (Part 2 of 2, RNZ)

An actor/manager running a smalltime theatre troupe struggles with the company 'diva' as he bravely faces the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that befall his theatrical enterprise.

11:05 Business with Fran O'Sullivan

NZ Herald business columnist

11:30 David Bogan

How to deal with stress, conflict and what is keeping you awake at night.

Mediator in private practice for 18 years .. spends two weeks in NZ and two weeks in Australia.

What's keeping you awake at night : the handbook for life - how to analyse and solve problems by David Bogan (HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand)

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch

Denis looks at the antics of blogger Cameron Slater (who has been charged with contempt of court), as well as the coverage of the Haiti earthquake.