09:05 National Standards testing

Professor Robin Alexander, Director of The Cambridge Primary Review, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education; Professor Tom Nicholson, Massey University College of Education professor; Ray Newport, General Manager School Trustees Association.

09:30 Secret Life - Emma Heke

Former beneficiary who set up her own business making educational videos for pre-schoolers.

09:45 Russia correspondent Carsten von Nahmen

10:05 Jeremy Nurse

Founder of the 180 Degrees Trust. The Trust takes 12 to 17 year olds who've dropped out of school, many of whom have alcohol or drug addictions, and intensively mentors and supports them, hopefully back into school or training.

10:30 Book Review with Ralph McAllister

The First Rule by Robert Crias
Published by Orion

10:45 Reading

"Paulie Tallis" by Owen Marshall (Part 1 of 2, RNZ)

An actor/manager running a smalltime theatre troupe struggles with the company 'diva' as he bravely faces the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that befall his theatrical enterprise.

11:05 Politics with Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooten

11:30 Guest Chef Niki Bezzant

Editor, Healthy Food Guide magazine and wine commentator Keith Stewart

Recipes: Roasted capsicums with mozzarella & tomatoes
Spiced Beef fillet
Barbecued vegetable couscous

11:45 Urbanist Tommy Honey

...discusses the Supreme Court building