09:05 Possible merger of security agencies

Nicky Hager, author of a book on NZ intelligence, Secret Power; and Dr Ron Smith, director of Intelligence and Security studies at Waikato University.

09:20 Climate change

A comprehensive British report on the use of technology to combat climate change is recommending covering buildings in with algae, artificial trees and reflective building surfaces

Dr Tim Fox, author of the report Geo-Engineering - Giving us time to act?; and Dr Phil Boyd, Niwa Scientist Phil Boyd who contributed to the Royal Society Report Geo-engineering the climate: Science, governance and uncertainty.

09:30 Are weeds taking over?

Lynley Hayes is a research leader at Landcare Research, Lincoln University, studying bio-control of weeds.

09:45 US correspondent Richard Adams

10:05 Gregg Hurwitz

Best-selling thriller writer, comic book author and Shakespeare scholar Gregg Hurwitz goes to extremes to research his books - from going undercover into mind-control cults to swimming with sharks.

10:30 Book Review with Anne Buchanan

Noah's Compass by Anne Tyler
Published by Chatto & Windus

10:45 Reading: Here And Where by David Hill

(Part 2 of 5)

Off the Rails

A New Zealand traveller experiences the pick'n'mix pleasures of a tour party going by rail from L.A. to New Orleans.

11:05 Business and economic commentator Rod Oram

Rod Oram delves deeper into mining on conservation land.

11:30 Glen Colquhoun - poet and doctor

Glen Colquhoun's work of epic poetry, North:South, has been brought to life with the help of Maori and Celtic musicians and has its world premiere this weekend (11-13 September) at the Going West festival in Waitakere. He has recently been awarded funding in the latest Fulbright round to study the relationship between creative writing and medicine.

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch discusses the latest media issues

The state of current affairs on TV and radio.