09:05 Uptake of subsidised youth jobs scheme

Paula Bennett, Minister of Social Development; Bernadette Perana, owner of Bernie's Restaurant in Te Kuiti who is hiring two young people on the scheme; Alasdair Thompson, chief executive of Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern).

09:30 Young NZ designer to show at New York Fashion Week

Alexandra Owen, is a young up and coming NZ designer who's been shoulder-tapped by the organisers of New York Fashion Week to take part in the event.

Alexandra Owen showroom.

See images in the Nine to Noon gallery.

09:45 UK correspondent Jon Dennis

10:05 Bra Boys

Sunny Abberton and Koby, the infamous Bra Boys talk about Maroubra Sydney surf beach culture, surf tribalism, and family as four Abberton brothers born to a heroin addict mother - featured in the book My Brothers Keeper - the official bra boys story, written by Sean Doherty and published by Harper Collins.

10:25 Book Review with Quentin Johnson

Target by Simon Kernick
Published by Bantam Press

10:45 Reading: Three Strand Cord - a short story by Marian Stuart

In helping her Grandson, Sylvia, helps herself deal with her grief.

11:05 Technology with Nat Torkington

Recent American software company acquisitions and what it tells us about the economy and the future direction of cloud computing. Then, how to teach your kids to program.

Catch what Nat was going to discuss before his interview was curtailed by a bad phone line at his blog.


FriendFeed acquired by Facebook

SpringSource acquired by VMWare

Poison for Venture Capital (NY Times)

Scratch visual programming language

11:30 Parenting

Psychologist and parenting expert Nigel Latta discusses how to help your kids overcome shyness.

11:45 Television review with Simon Wilson

Simon discusses Telethon, and the 60 Minutes interview with John Key.