09:05 Early prisoner release amnesty

Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias has suggested an early release amnesty.

Stephen Franks, former ACT MP and lawyer; and Michael Bott, Human Rights lawyer and spokesperson for the Council of Civil Liberties.

09:20 Obesity

What is being done to deal with our growing obesity problem? New Zealand is now the third fattest nation in the OECD, behind US and Mexico - how has it got this bad?

Tony Ryall, Health Minister; and Robyn Toomath, Wellington Hospital Endocrinologist and spokesperson for Fight the Obesity Epidemic.

09:30 Spell Check

Kevin Garber, general manager of Melon Media in Sydney and founder of the spelling check software, Spellr.us. This has been applied to the websites of 20 world class universities and found errors.

09:45 Asia correspondent Phil O'Sullivan

10:05 Former Flipper trainer now activist fighting the capture of dolphins

Ric O'Barry former trainer of the famous television dolphin Flipper. In the 1960s Ric O'Barry worked for the Miami Seaquarium - where he captured and trained dolphins, including the five dolphins who played the role of Flipper. But after 10 years he came to believe that what he was doing was wrong, and devoted the rest of his career to freeing captive dolphins and campaigning against their capture.

Ric O'Barry is the subject of a documentary film, The Cove, playing at the New Zealand Film Festival this month. The Cove follows a group of activists, led by Ric O'Barry as they infiltrate a cove near Taijii, Japan to expose the slaughter of dolphins.

The film won the Audience Award for documentaries at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

10:30 Children's Book Review with John McIntyre

Violence 101 by Denis Wright
Published by Penguin
ISBN 978-0-14-330403-6

With Lots of Love From Georgia by Brigid Lowry
Published by Allen and Unwin
ISBN 1-74114-310-1

10:45 Reading: The 10PM Question by Kate De Goldi

(Part 10 of 10)

Only his Ma takes 12-year-old Frankie Parsons's worrying questions seriously. But she is the cause of the most worrying question of all - the one Frankie can't ask.

11:05 Music review with Manu Taylor

William Fitzsimmons - "The Sparrow And The Crow" - 2009 Inertia Music MRCR001CD

The Murder Chord - "The Blunt Cut" - 2009 PuppyKiller Records PKR012

John Hanlon - "Just Quietly" - 2009 Self Released - johnhanlon.com.au

11:30 Sports commentator

Joseph Romanos looks at the second Ashes test and Lance Armstrong's incredible performance in the Tour de France.

11:45 Week That Was with Radar and Irene Pink