09:05 Racism in Christchurch

Joris de Bres, Race Relations Commissioner; and Mervin Singham, Director, Office of Ethnic Affairs

09:20 Investment in Conservation

Julia Marton-Lefevre, Director General of International Union for Conservation of Nature, which has observer status at the UN

09:30 Relationship between media and politics

Terry Michael, head of the Washington Centre for Politics and Journalism

09:50 Asia correspondent Phil O'Sullivan

10:05 Bass Singer Conal Coad

Mozart Bass Arias - Conal Coad with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (ABC Classics) - La vendetta from The Marriage of Figaro

Donizetti: Don Pasquale - duet with Barry Mora

Conal Coad is New Zealand's eminent bass, in constant demand on the world stage with singing engagements. Currently performing in The Italian Girl in Algiers in Auckland. He grew up with school teacher parents teaching in remote schools in Maori communities, becoming a teacher himself before devoting himself to his music.

10:30 Children's Book Review with John McIntyre

Salt River by Elizabeth Hegarty
Published by Scholastic
ISBN 978-1-86943-908-8

Return For The Gold by Margaret Hall
Published by Longacre Press
ISBN 978-1-877460-26-5

The Mine's Afire -The Journal of Tommy Carter by Susan Battye and Thelma Eakin
Published by Scholastic
ISBN 978-1-86943-867-6

10:45 Reading: The Gift of a Son - a short story by Frances Cherry.

A letter from her first-born son brings back painful memories for a mother.

11:05 Music Review with Manu Taylor

Iron & Wine - "Around The Well" - 2009 Sub Pop

Calico Brothers - "Tell It To The Sun" - 2009 Double Happy Music DHMCD003

Yusef (the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens)- "Roadsinger" - 2009 Eder Music/Universal 602527050522

11:30 Sports commentator Joseph Romanos

Joseph Romanos muses on sports people in the Queens Birthday honors list.

11:45 Week That Was Jon Bridges and Pinky Agnew

A light hearted look at the news stories that hit the headlines.