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09:05 List MP Richard Worth being investigated by police over "inappropriate and sexual behaviour" towards a woman

Matthew Hooton, Nine to Noon political correspondent.

09:20 Adolescent learners report

Dr Cathy Wylie is Chief Researcher at the Council for Educational Research, which has been involved in a longitudinal study of 500 young people from the Wellington region for the past 15 years.

The project - named 'Competent Children Competent Learners' began when the children were 4.

09:30 20 years since Tiananmen Square massacre

Xiong Yan, one of the leaders of the Tiananmen Square protests, now living in the US - still on the Chinese Government's most-wanted list.

09:45 UK correspondent Kate Adie

10:05 Judy Blume

Hugely popular author for pre-teens and teens - whose books deal openly with issues affecting teens. Her books have sold millions of copies and she has received tens of thousands of heartfelt letters from young people disclosing their own troubled lives and fears.

10:30 Book Review with David Hill

All This and a Bookshop Too by Dorothy Butler
Published by Penguin NZ
ISBN 9780143011651

10:45 Reading: Leaving Mum - a short story by Margaret Erlandson

Exploring the circular nature of life (RNZ).

11:05 New Technology with Nat Torkington

Nat talks about national security and social unrest on the Internets.

11:25 Teacups

Listen to a live music session by Auckland group Teacups recorded by Music 101 in a forest.

11:30 Parenting with Nigel Latta

Nigel gives advice on how to switch kids on to learning.

11:45 Television review with Simon Wilson

The return of Outrageous Fortune, and the brand new series, Lie To Me.