09:05 Lack of rehab and treatment services for those battling alcohol and drug addictions

Cate Kearney, CEO Alcohol and Drug Association; Professor Doug Sellman, director, National Addiction Centre; and Michael, whose son went through rehab for drug addiction.

09:30 Police Diversity

Kefeng Chu, New Zealand Police's Strategic Ethnic Advisor who has been involved in putting together New Zealand Police's, 'Practical Reference to Religious Diversity'.

Police have reissued 'Practical Reference to Religious Diversity' - it gives information about several religions and what people need to be aware of when dealing with different cultures and religions. This guide can be found online - www.police.govt.nz/resources/2005/religious-diversity/religious-diversity.html

09:45 US correspondent Richard Adams

10:05 Sceptic mind reader

Philip Escoffey is one of Britain's leading mind readers and psychic illusionists.


10:30 Book Review with Bruce Brown

Mr Ambassador: Memoirs of Sir Carl Berendsen
Edited Hugh Templeton
Published by Victoria University Press

10:45 Reading: Llamas & Empanadas by Eleanor Meecham

Episode 2 of 10

Recounting her 5000 kilometre bicycle journey in the wilds of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

11:05 Business with Rod Oram, Business and Economic commentator

11:30 Once Were Radicals

Irfan Yusuf is a Sydney-based lawyer, and writer on Muslim issues. He is the author of Once Were Radicals, published by Allen and Unwin. It tells his story of his youthful engagement with political Islam. He also talks more generally about the suspicion and resentment that young Muslims in Australia and New Zealand face.

11:45 Media with Denis Welch

A weekly look at media issues - he's looking at swine flu and supermarkets.