09:05 Housing NZ and Mongrel Mob investigation

Housing New Zealand has apologised and has launched an internal investigation into how Mongrel Mob members were given the address of Housing New Zealand's Lower Hutt manager and another woman who complained about them.
The evicted Mongrel Mob members are denying claims they have issued death threats to the Housing New Zealand staffer.
The mistake follows allegations a woman and her two children were forced to flee their Farmer Crescent home and the arrest of nine people for threatening behaviour.
"Fats" Mongrel Mob spokesperson, thinks story blown out of all proportion.

09:15 Report into police shooting of Steven Wallace says police involved in shootings should be tested for alcohol and drugs.
Viv Rickard, Assistant Police Commissioner; and Greg O'Connor, President NZ Police Association

09:20 Teaching teachers how to deal with difficult students with behavior issues.

Christine Richmond, keynote speaker at Ministry of Education Behaviour Summit. Has been a teacher, guidance officer, family therapist and academic and is now in private practice advising teachers how to win with difficult kids and turn them around.

09:30 Best scholarship exam student in the country

Emily Adlam took scholarship exams in six subjects last year - and gained outstanding scholar awards in all of them - the only student in the country ever to do this under the NCEA.
She was also the top student in the country in physics, statistics and latin in her scholarship exams - and scored very highly in her other three subjects: calculus, english and chemistry.
Emily Adlam is just 18 years old, but already an accomplished musician, scientist, debater, poet and writer.... but her real passion is quantum physics.

09:45 Australia correspondent Paul Barclay

10:05 Azar Nafisi

Iranian academic and writer, now residing in the United States

10:30 Book Review with Quentin Johnson

Drood by Dan Simmons
Published by Quercus
ISBN 97818472447957

10:45 Reading.How To Catch A Cricket Match by Harry Ricketts

Episode 3 of 10 - An entertaining exploration of that great game.

11:05 Music Review with Marty Duda

Artist Of The Week is The Supremes

1. Where Did Our Love Go (2:30) - The Supremes taken from 1964 single (Motown)

2. Stop! In The Name Of Love (2:49) - The Supremes taken from 1965 single (Motown)

3. Love Child (2:54) - Diana Ross & The Supremes taken from 1968
single (Motown)

4. Someday We'll Be Together (5:00) - Diana Ross & The Supremes taken from 1970 album "Farewell" (Motown)

5. Stoned Love (2:59) - The Supremes taken from 1970 album "New Ways But Love Stays" (Motown)

11:30 Legal commentator Jonathon Krebs, Napier Barrister

11:45 Film Review with Graeme Tuckett