09:05 Reports released into bullying in schools

David Rutherford, Lower Hutt lawyer and spokesperson for the parents of children bullied at Hutt Valley High School; Cindy Kiro, Children's Commissioner; and Roslyn Noonan, Human Rights Commissioner.

09:20 New police unit to target web predators

Detective Senior Sergeant Neil Holden from OCEANZ; and Martin Cocker,
Netsafe's executive director.

A new police unit is being formed to boost the fight against online sexual predators targeting New Zealand children.

The Police cyber taskforce OCEANZ - which stands for Online Child Exploitation Across New Zealand aims to protect children from falling prey to sex offenders who use social networking sites and chatrooms to groom future victims.

09:45 Africa correspondent Michael Hamlyn

10:05 Gene therapy

Professor Matthew During, New Zealand scientist at the forefront of research into gene treatment for obesity.

Professor Matt During and his colleagues believe they've found a way to re-set the genetic makeup of obese people, reprogramming them to become skinny. They've just completed groundbreaking animal trials, and hope to be trialling the treatment on humans within a year.

Matt During is currently with Ohio State University and Auckland University, but he says attitudes towards science in the United States are streets ahead of those in this country.

10:30 Book Review with Harry Ricketts

The Great Lover by Jill Dawson
Published by Sceptre
ISBN 9780340970900

10:45 Reading: How To Catch A Cricket Match by Harry Ricketts

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An entertaining exploration of that great game cricket, will serve equally well as an introduction to the game for the novice or as a celebration of it for the confirmed addict.

11:05 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre

11:30 Guest Chef Peter Thornley from Kermadec Brasserie & Bar and wine commentator John Hawkesby

11:45 Sophist and provocateur Tommy Honey