09:05 Banking loan break fees

As the official cash rate falls again this morning the banking ombudsman is flooded with complaints about banks loan fees.

09:20 Stem cell research

David M Scadden - co-director of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

09:40 The Wiggles

Sam, the new Wiggle tells us about being a member of the most successful kids entertainers in the world.

09:45 Middle East correspondent Kate Adie

10:05 Titewhai Harawira - reflecting on her life, activism, motivation and views

The veteran Maori activist Titewhai Harawira, one of New Zealand's true characters, reflects on her life.

10:30 Book Review with Dan Slevin

The To Do List by Mike Gayle
Published by Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN 9780340936740

10:45 Reading. Tuvalu by Andrew O'Connor

Episode 14 of 15

Noah has received a letter from Mami and returns to Tokyo.

11:05 New Technology with Nat Torkington


- what's it like reading on an ipod or laptop?
- why read books on screens instead of paper?
- where can I buy ebooks?
- why aren't they perfect yet?
- how do authors make money with them?
- why do some authors give books away?
- what's going on in NZ around this?

* http://amazon.com/kindlestore
* http://mobipocket.com
* http://ereader.com
* http://fictionwise.com
* http://bookhabit.com

11:45 Parenting with Nigel Latta

Parenting guru and author discusses why some children are so stubborn and what parents get right, and wrong, in trying to deal with them.

11:45 Television Review with Simon Wilson