09:05 Woman's family ripped apart by the Mr Asia drug ring

Mr Asia's mother's family was ripped apart by the Mr Asia drug ring. Her daughter was in a relationship with one of Terry Clark's intimate associates for nearly two decades.

Follow on from interview yesterday where we spoke to Pat Booth, the investigative journalist who helped crack the Mr Asia drug ring, a syndicate led by Terry Clark. Pat Booth says he was sickened by attempts to glamorise the story in TV3's new series, Underbelly. He said he didn't see why families who were affected at the time should have to go through it all again.

09:25 The government is preparing to make significant changes to the way ACC is run and funded

David Lowe, manager with the Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern division); and Hazel Armstrong, lawyer specialising in workplace accident and ACC cases.

09:45 Australia correspondent Ray Moynihan

10:05 Wolf of Wall Street -served 22 months prison for securities fraud and stock manipulation

Jordan Belfort, author of Catching the Wolf of Wall Street, sequel to The Wolf of Wall Street.

Jordan Belfort is 46 and was the ceo of brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont. He served 22 months in a federal prison for fraud, a Pump and Dump scheme, which falsely purportedly profitable stocks were sold to investors at inflated. He was jailed in 2004.

He made at least $50 million from Stratton Oakmont, had a yacht, seaplane and helicopter. He was addicted to quaaludes and excess of all kinds, including using the services of countless prostitutes. Belfort is now a full time writer, on the lecture circuit where he speaks to colleges on ethics, cautionary tales to business student and to businesses. He has been divorced twice and has two teenage children.

10:30 Book Review with Rae McGregor

Leaving the World by Douglas Kennedy
Published by Hutchinson
ISBN 9780091795795

10:45 Reading. Tuvalu by Andrew O'Connor

Episode 13 of 15

Noah has returned to Australia and learnt the details of Tilly's death from her father.

11:05 Music Review with Marty Duda

Artist Of The Week is Nat King Cole

1. Straighten Up And Fly Right (2:34) - King Cole Trio taken from
1943 single (Capitol)

2. Too Young (3:26) - Nat King Cole taken from 1951 single (Capitol)

3. Lush Life (3:16) - Nat King Cole taken from 2009 album "Re:
Generations" (Capitol)

4. Hit That Jive, Jack! (3:42) - Nat King Cole taken from 2009 album
"Re: Generations" (Capitol)

11:30 Legal commentator Andrew Scott-Howman

Discusses big brother in the workplace - how technology is being increasingly used for performance assessment.

11:45 Film Review with Graeme Tuckett

Watchmen and Song of Good.