09:05 Maritime boating disaster survivor

Judith Sleavin and Hester Rumberg

Judith Sleavin survived a horrific collision at sea in November 1995 after setting off from Opua in Northland, bound for Tonga, but her husband and two children were killed. She talks about the road back, and the will to live.

Hester, who was the godmother of Judith's daughter Annie, and Judith's best friend, has written her story. Judith now lives part time in Portland Oregon and part time in Northland and has a great affinity with NZ.

Ten Degrees of Reconing: The True Story of a Family's Love and the Will to Survive by Hester Rumberg, published by Putnam.

Sleavin has established the Sleavin Family Foundation to promote maritime safety through educational programmes.

Sleavin is now developing programmes for New Zealand boaties in appreciation of the help locals gave her.

09:30 The multinational chocolate manufacturer, Cadbury, is trying to make the sweet brown stuff greener

Ian Walsh, Cadbury's Global Head of Environment.

09:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

10:05 Auschwitz survivor and author of A Lucky Child

Thomas Buergenthal is a judge at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, with first hand experience of genocide - being taken, along with his family, by the Nazi's to the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Sachsenhausen. Only he and his mother survived. The rest of his family were killed.

Buergenthal is the author of more than a dozen books and a large number of articles on international law, human rights and comparative law subjects.

10:30 Book Review with Kate Blackhurst

The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl
Published by Harvill Secker
ISBN 9781846550850

10:45 Reading: Tuvalu by Andrew O'Connor

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