09:05 Pakistan attacks

Frank Gardner, BBC Security Correspondent

09:20 Economic and financial crisis - how long will it last? And will pumping money into the economy actually work long term?

Jerry Jordan, US Economist, former president of Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank in US and an expert on origins and consequences of the economic and financial crisis.

09:30 Fewer school students playing sport

Garry Carnachan, executive director, NZ Secondary Schools Sports Council

09:45 UK correspondent Michael White

10:05 Wellington Jazz Festival - Otis Taylor

Nominated as Acoustic Artist of the Year in the 2009 Blues Music Awards. Down Beat magazine picked Recapturing the Banjo - his album celebrating the one instrument to survive the Atlantic slave trade - as Critics Choice, Best Blues Album of the Year 2008.

Performing at the Wellington Jazz Festival, Otis Taylor will be joined by daughter Cassie Taylor on bass and Jonn Richardson on guitar. Otis Taylor will also host Writing The Blues for Children, a public workshop introducing the origins of the blues from Africa to the present day, and teaching children how to find their voice and stories.


Writing The Blues for Children Workshop, 1 pm, Wednesday

Performing at Pacific Blue Note, 8 pm Thursday 5 March

10:30 Book Review with Crystal Beavis

Fire and Sword by Simon Scarrow
Published by Headline
ISBN 9780755339174

10:45 Reading. Tuvalu by Andrew O'Connor Episode

9 of 15

Noah's girlfriend, Tilly, has turned up unexpectantly.

11:05 New Technology with Nat Torkington

Nathan talks about the Google phone, the HTC G1, and about Apple's

11:30 Physics and the Universe

Professor Lawrence Krauss, from the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University, regarded as a 'rock star' of physics.

11:45 Television Review with Simon Wilson

Simon looks at the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars.