09:05 Jobs Summit - community sector disappointed at missing out

Tina Reid, executive director of the NZ Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations; and Taima Fagaloa, Porirua city councillor who says the Pacific Island community are disappointed at lack of PI representatives.

09:20 Job Summit

Stephen Matthews, chief executive of the Motor Trade Association.

09:30 Denise Arnold - Tauranga lawyer who set up the Cambodia Charitable Trust

Denise Arnold is helping lawyers in Cambodia fighting for those who are being forcibly evicted from their homes. She's set up a charitable trust and is trying to help lawyers there get support from the international law community. The trust also funds education and child welfare projects. Denise Arnold visited causes the trust supports in Cambodia last year and will return there later this year.

09:45 Australia correspondent Ray Moynihan

10:05 Free trade/economic crisis

Professor Jagdish Baghwati, professor of economics at Columbia University, says trade should be freer, but not at the moment during the crisis and that the Doha negotiations should be shelved.

Jagdish Baghwati is a world renowned economist and proponent of free trade as a means of lifting developing countries out of poverty. Born in Mumbai, then known as Bombay, in India, and educated in Britain, Baghwati is an advisor to the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation, and the United States and Indian governments, and to the advisory board of Human Rights Watch.

10:25 Book Review with Quentin Johnson

Soul of the Age by Jonathan Bate
Published by Viking
ISBN 978 067 0914 821

10:45 Reading. Tuvalu by Andrew O'Connor Part 3 of 15

In this award-winning novel, Noah Tuttle is in Tokyo subsisting - teaching English to disinterested students. But Mami changes all that. She is a dangerous attraction. (ABC Production)

11:05 Music Review with Marty Duda

Artist of the Week: LaBelle

1. Over The Rainbow (2:55) - Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles taken from 1966 album "Over The Rainbow" (Atlantic)

2. Pressure Cookin' (3:00) - Labelle taken from 1973 album "Pressure Cookin" (RCA)

3. Lady Marmalade (3:57) - Labelle taken from 1974 album "Nightbirds" (Epic)

4. Candlelight (4:41) - Labelle taken from 2008 album "Back To Now" (Verve)

11:30 Legal commentator Dean Knight

11:45 Film Review with Graeme Tuckett