09:05 Solo Mothers returning to work

The new Social Development Minister is calling for a debate on solo mothers feeling pressured to return to work too early.

Paula Bennett, Social Development Minister. She is also a solo mother and former beneficiary; Sarah Farquhar, CEO of the Early Childhood Council and early childhood researcher; and Kay Brereton, Director of the Wellington People's Centre.

09:20 Rugby League 2008 World Cup victory

Richard Becht, RNZ Sports commentator.

09:30 New CEO of Wanganui Hospital

Julie Patterson, former nurse, now new chief executive of Whanganui DHB, replacing Memo Musa who left in March following a series of medical errors and system failures.

These include the hiring of Czech born gynaecologist Roman Hasil who botched 8 sterilisations, leading to six women becoming pregnant.

It was later found that the DHB had breached the Health and Disability Code by not properly checking Mr Hasil's background, failing to monitor him or respond to complaints quickly enough.

She discusses her plans on how to get the hospital back on its feet, and restore the faith of the community that it serves.

09:50 Middle East Correspondent Irris Makler

10:05 Jorge Sandoval

After being imprisoned and tortured in Chile under Pinochet, Jorge Sandoval escaped to New Zealand and made a new life. He has gone on to be a leading cycling and sports promotor.

He has told his story in his book Jorge Sandoval: Surviving Pinochetwritten by Peter Bidwell.

10:30 Book Review with Paul Diamond

The Jack Irish Double by Peter Temple
Published by Text Publishing
ISBN 978 1 921351 88 4

10:45 Book Reading: The Blue by Mary McCallum

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11:05 Political Commentators Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre

11:30 Guest Chef Catherine Bell, Editoral Director of Dish Magazine, and wine with John Hawkesby

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