09:05 Exploitative wheel clampers

Meika Reid who is a paraplegic, was clamped at a Christchurch mall while parked in a mobility park, despite having a valid mobility pass. She was also 8 months pregnant.

Rob MacDonald, a tetraplegic high school counsellor who had has his car clamped at the weekend in a mobility car park.

Dave Matthews, CCS Christchurch Regional Manager; and Leo Mortimer, MoT Legislation Safety Manager.

09:30 Pubs with Personality

Peter Janssen, co-author of Pubs with Personality ... NZ pubs and the story behind them.

Pubs with Personality by Peter Jansen and Steve Reid
HarperCollins New Zealand RRP $28.99

09:40 Vitamin B3 more effective than sunscreen?

Diona Damian, Associate Professor of Dermatology at University of Sydney. Her research has found that Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) might be more effective than sunscreen in preventing skin cancer.

09:45 UK correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Feature: Elizabeth Knox

Best-selling and award-winning New Zealand writer, Elizabeth Knox. Her best known book, The Vintner's Luck, is being made into a film directed by Niki Caro and starring Keisha Castle Hughes, both of Whale Rider fame. She talks about how she got roped into the filming, and about her new book which reveals the forces which shape her writing.

10:30 Book Review with Emma Hart

This Book Has Issues: Adventures in Popular Psychology by Christian Jarrett & Joannah Ginsberg
Published by Allen & Unwin
ISBN 978 174 175 6326

10:45 Book Reading: The Blue by Mary McCallum

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11:05 New Technology with Colin Jackson

Today's topic: Checking flights online


Second Life cheating ends real marriage.

Preliminary reports about the cause of the Qantas jet plunge over Western Australia.

Air New Zealand on its electronic boarding passes, and a technology blogger's take on it. Read the comments if you are interested in how the technology works.

11:30 Korowai repatriation

Bethany Edmunds, a young New Zealander who's an expert in the ancient craft of korowai weaving, and who's making it her mission to repatriate weavings in overseas museum collections, e.g the Natural History Museum in New York, and the British Museum in London.

11:45 Television Review with Simon Wilson

Simon looks at Artsville, and British reality show Filthy Rich And Homeless.