Nine to Noon on 8 September 2008

9:05 Anti-psychotic drugs and children

A growing number of children, including those under four, are being prescribed powerful anti-psychotic drugs despite the fact they have never been tested for use in children and are only meant to be used for adults with severe forms of mental illness.

To discuss this are Julie Zito, Associate professor in Pharmacy and Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy; Wendy Duff, spokesperson for The Autism Society whose teenage son is on a powerful anti-psychotic drug Respiridone to control his violent outbursts; and Peter Moodie, Medical Director of the drug buying agency Pharmac.

9:30 Perfect Apologies

Lauren Bloom, author of The Art of the Apology: How to Apologize Effectively to Practically Anyone, available as an e-book on

9:45 David Mark - from the US website on the US election

10:05 Feature Interview - Mark Billingham

Mark Billingham is a stand up comedian, former actor and now a best selling author of a crime series featuring a "kind of thick" hero.

10:30 Book Review: Peter Peryer: Photographer by Peter Simpson and Peter Peryer

Reviewed by Mary Daysh

Published by Auckland University Press
ISBN 978 186 9400 4178

10:45 Book Reading: Mr Allbones' Ferrets by Fiona Farrell

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11:05 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre

11:30 Guest Chef Richard Till with wines to match with John Hawkesby

Mussel fritters and Cheesecake

11:45 Tommy Honey, sophist and provocateur