Nine To Noon for Thursday 14 August 2008

09:05 Gifted Children

Julia Rakle, parent of a gifted child; Di Anderson, National Manager of Evaluation Services, Education Review Office; Rose Blackett, President of the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children, who is also an education psychologist; and Paddy Ford, President Principals Federation.
ERO report shows gifted pupils at most New Zealand schools are missing out on the support they need to nurture their special talents.

09:20 TVNZ Olympic feed failure

Kathy Capp, Aunt of Moss Burmester, who missed her nephew Moss Burmester's Olympic race after TVNZ feed failed.

09:30 101 year old New Yorker finds literary lifeline

Elizabeth Goodyear, a 101 year old woman, whose family has died out and she had survived all her elderly friends and outlived her savings. A few years ago, Elizabeth Goodyear faced a future of loneliness - as her mobility declined, her sight worsened and she had no one left to visit. But this is a tale of a neighbourhood in a big brash and anonymous US city, having a heart. Ms Goodyear is confined to her one bedroom Murray Hill walk up apartment in Midtown East Manhattan... but she is seldom alone. It all began when a yoga instructor named Alison West, noticed that her very elderly neighbour was becoming more frail, so she started stopping by to kiss her goodnight every evening... things have snowballed since then.

09:45 UK Correspondent Jon Dennis

10:06 Feature Guest - Ricky Megee

Ricky Megee was traveling in the Outback when a hitchhiker drugged him, stole his car and dumped him in a hole. Sick, disoriented and starving, he was lost for 71 days. Ricky was eventually found - only to discover that, in the great tradition of Lindy Chamberlain and Joanna Lees, the Northern Territory authorities were unwilling to believe his remarkable story.

Ricky Megee

10:30 Book Review with Emma Hart

The Behaviour of Moths by Poppy Adams
Published by Virago
ISBN 9781844085125

10:45 Book Reading: On The Wings Of Mercury

The Lorraine Moller Story Episode 4 of 6

11:05 Media commentator Denis Welch

11:30 Anorexia

Lucy Howard-Taylor, 19 year old recovering anorexic and author of 'Biting Anorexia'. It will be released in New Zealand in the last week of August, RRP $34.99.

11:45 New Technology with Colin Jackson

Today's topic: Recording someone in secret.