Nine to Noon on Wednesday 6 August 2008

9:05 Auckland Fuel Tax

Simon Lambourne, AA spokesperson, and Graeme East, Spokesperson for Campaign for Better Transport

The pump price for Auckland motorists could get even steeper, with plans for new fuel taxes of up to 10c a litre to pay for public transport investments.

The Auckland Regional Council is to apply to the Government for its own five cent tax to be introduced in three stages, up to 2011. The money would go on new trains and other public transport infrastructure.

New transport legislation allows the Government to match the council's scheme by another five cents, with the money spent on electrifying Auckland's rail tracks and regional projects including new roads.

The Automobile Association, representing 250,000 Auckland motorists, says its members have not been consulted.

9:30 Drug testing at Olympic Games

Professor Dave Gerrard, former Olympian and now drug-tester

9:45 Australia correspondent Ray Moynihan

10:05 China trade pioneer

Victor Percival, Chinese trade pioneer since the 1950s, is hailed as "the man who started it all" by Helen Clark at the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement signing.

Percival's name is inscribed among the 500 names in China's official 'directory of friends of China', along with New Zealander Rewi Alley and Kathleen Hall (the latter a missionary who smuggled medicine to Red Army during 2nd World War).

The Kiwi Pathfinder - Opening Mao's China to the West by Bruce Kohn.
Published by Grantham House

10:30 Book Review: As If Running On Air: The Journals of Jack Lovelock edited by David Colquhoun

Reviewed by Harry Broad
Published by Craig Potton Publishing
ISBN 978-1-877333-76-7

10:45 Book reading: The Mesmerist written and read by Barbara Ewing

Part 13 of 15
Published by Sphere, ISBN 978-1847-440228

11:05 Artist of the Week with Marty Duda

This week's artist is Buddy Guy

Tracks featured:

First Time I Met The Blues
from the 1960 single

I Got My Eyes On You
from the 1968 album This Is Buddy Guy

Damn Right I've Got The Blues
From the 1991 album Damn Right I've Got The Blues

Skin Deep
from the 2008 album Skin Deep

11:30 Legal commentator Andrew Scott Howman

11:45 Television critic Simon Wilson

Simon has been watching Friday night viewing - America's Next Top Model, Jacquie Brown and Friday Night Lights, the Australian comedy The Librarians, and TV2's new show Gossip Girls.