5 Jun 2024

Agony Aunt 'How to cope with extravagant friends'

From Nights, 9:15 pm on 5 June 2024

Nights' resident Agony Aunt, comedian Courtney Dawson is back and ready to answer your quandaries, your palavers, your misgivings.

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How can I keep up with my rich friends?

I'm very blessed to have a group of friends from university days that have managed to stay together well into our thirties and forties.

We get together once or twice a year in a big house somewhere in New Zealand and catch up like old times... but with more babies and little people involved.

However, as well as being myself the baby of the group, I am the poorest by far - I work in a creative industry in the gig economy, while some of my friends are literal surgeons and high-up public servants.

This King's Birthday Weekend, they decided on a pretty expensive house, which pretty well took up my budget - and now they're planning group activities that I straight up can't afford, without even checking in with me.

I try to be chill about my financial situation and make it work, but this year I feel it's going too far. Either I say something and it's embarrassing, or I say nothing and I just stay home while they're chugging oysters and riding jetskis.

Help a guy out.

Should I complain about missing out on an award?

I recently entered a competition for an art form that I have come to late in life but get a lot of joy and meaning from.

The competition awards came out and my entry didn't receive any recognition. I checked out some that did and let's just say they weren't my cup of tea.. though they were established practitioners with name recognition in this small art form.

I still believe my entry was deserving and I often think about writing to the judges and asking for explanation or feedback. I have shown my entry to several people who agree with me but I don't know if raising this issue would be improper.

Courtney Dawson is looking up to the left, off-camera. She is wearing a white shirt and a gold chain necklace.

Courtney Dawson is a comedian based in Tāmaki Mākaurau. Photo: Supplied