7 May 2024

Searching for New Zealand's most interesting tree

From Nights, 10:50 pm on 7 May 2024

Six nominees for this year's New Zealand Tree of the Year competition have been revealed. 

The list includes The Walking Tree on the West Coast., "Freddie's Pōhutukawa" in Gisborne, and Moko in Otari Wilton's Bush, Wellington. 

The competition celebrates the trees that play an important part in our lives, our history and our future.

Richie Hill, president of the New Zealand Arboricultural Association, joins Emile Donovan.

A faded old photograph of a huge pōhutukawa tree sprawling out of a small rural section.

"Freddy's Tree". In 1906, young Frederick Nehu Naden spotted three pōhutukawa seedlings growing at the northern end of Tokomaru Bay. With the help of his mother, he tenderly replanted each seedling – with just one later surviving – painstakingly nurturing them and caring for them during school holidays. Photo: Tree of the Year / Naden Family